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SMC 3 Inch Single Prusik Minding Pulley

photo: SMC 3 Inch Single Prusik Minding  Pulley pulley
Tahoe Mountain Sports says:
For over thirty years, SMC's pulleys have been regarded as the benchmark in the rescue industry and every self-respecting Rescue Expert made certain these puuleys were at the core of his equipment arsenal. | The SMC PMP is a rescue size pulley that is designed for use in serious rigging applications. | Featuring unique shaped sideplates that maximize the effectiveness of the Prusik hitch as part of a progress capture device, its compact size in combination with a larger than usual diameter sheave makes even static rescue ropes easy to manage. | The solid side plates help prevent foreign object access and reduce snagging and are precisely tensioned for easy one-handed operation and secure placement at any point along the rope. | The heart of this pulley is a high efficiency precision sealed ball bearing used to counter the performance losses inherent in large pulley systems. | The extra large top hole easily accepts three rescue-sized carabiners and low profile fasteners help eliminate


Price Historic Range: $75.00


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