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Connect Tree Tent

rated 5 of 5 stars Next level of tent camping! Roomy and comfortable once you get the hang of setting it up. On the ground or treetop and wherever in between. I received a Tentsile gift certificate as a reviewer on another website. I added some of my own cash and purchased the Tentsile Connect for its larger size (two-person or one adult and three dogs in my case ). I have used it over the last summer in several different campsites. The first thing I noticed is the quality of the product. The bottom is heavy duty… Full review

Flite+ Tree Tent

rated 4 of 5 stars Two-person tree tent with screening and fly with a cross brace for extra headroom. I used this tent for the first time on a two-day canoe trip in the s. N.J. Pine Barrens. It was the perfect size and didn't require any additional sleep pad, a huge advantage. I'm 6'2" and 215 lbs. I had no issue fitting. Not sure I would sleep with two people, but did lie in it with my son who is just as tall as me. No sag and held just fine. I do not like sleeping in hammocks and this has a very different feel. Full review

X3 Giant Pegs

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Tentsile's Giant Pegs are a quick and easy solution to placing stakes in hard soil when a rock or hammer is not readily available. This reviewer found these pegs so handy, he is left wondering why screw-in tent stakes are not more common. Recently, I tested and reviewed the Tentsile Flite for Trailspace. While I did not care much for that product, I did find the stakes that came with it to be superior to the cheap J-stakes that normally come with a tent or tarp. In fact, I felt these X3 Giant… Full review

Flite Tree Tent

rated 3 of 5 stars Tentsile's Flite tree tent is the company's lightest version of its hammock-tent hybrids. Combining the comfort of a hammock with the structure of a 2-person tent, the Flite is a novel idea that just does not execute very well. Although I like the concept of the Flite, the cons are significant enough that it would be hard for this reviewer to honestly recommend it to others. First let me say, I have written and read enough reviews to know that when someone dismisses a product many people will vehemently disagree… Full review

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Tentsile designs and manufactures multi-person portable treehouse tents, or hammock tents.


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