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rated 3.5 of 5 stars In space-per-weight, it's an awesome tent. For windy conditions, it's great—no collapsing or flexing walls you get with flexible poles. The rigid poles theory works very well. Summer forest, sand, snow, it's always super easy to set up (only two poles, sleeves not clips, only four stakes required for setup (more for windy conditions). Must be careful assembling poles—the thin-wall aluminum is light and strong, but edges are fragile. The pitch is very tight and easy to manage as conditions change. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Great tent. I got my first 2R Stephenson tent around 1974. Did several trips to the Grand Teton, up to the Canadian Rockies and then down to Peru. It was lightweight and stood up great in some wild windy snowy weather at high altitudes.  On the saddle between the Grand and Middle Teton one time, the winds shredded two lady climbers' tent and they had to join us. Our tent held great, while it was cramped for four.  Unfortunately, my tent did not hold up too well after I got married and my son… Full review

Warmlite Triple Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars Stephenson's Warmlite Triple bag is a top notch camping and backpacking sleep “system.” While an old design, it is still unique in the market, has a wonderfully comfortable mattress, and covers an extremely wide temperature range due to the dual tops design, for a price that is very attractive if you consider the alternatives. After many years, it was time to upgrade to a new sleeping bag and pad. One of my sons decided to “confiscate” my old cold weather sleeping bag and cold weather pad,… Full review

Warmlite Triple Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars We go backpacking for three week stretches every summer. I remember when my parents bought their custom made zip together bags, and slipping in the bag from time to time WAS PURE BLISS. I have now inherited their 30-year-old bags and me and my wife ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Vapor barrier technology was something new in the '70s and I never liked the clammy feeling of VPB shirts, but in the sleeping bag it is great. This is the best sleeping bag EVER built. I have had Marmot, Sierra Designs and (when… Full review


rated 3 of 5 stars Very lightweight and roomy yet...this is the original model with little ventilation and so I use it for cool hikes and climbs only. This tent is a real prestige conversation starter. Paired with my North Face rigid frame expedition, I am a walking talking piece of history. BUT...for such an expensive piece of equipment, the manner in which an early Warmlite is sewn and the way the edges are finished, the entire tent relies on you to do a magnificent job of seam sealing. After I lost most of the… Full review

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