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Waterproof Gloves and Mittens

The best waterproof gloves and mittens, reviewed and curated by the Trailspace community. The latest review was added on December 12, 2022. Stores' prices and availability are updated daily.

Recent Waterproof Glove/Mitten Reviews

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Black Diamond Super Light Mitts

Cold fingers no more. Waterproof shell, decent insulation, and a long wrist cover keeps the cold out. My wife suffers from cold hands. Smaller gloves are great for ascending when we are working hard. But the peak and descent = cold. Enter the BD Super Light Mitts. These are a premium glove with great materials and a good amount of insulation. We've tested these on numerous high elevation >9k feet summits and they are worth their weight. The size small tops the scale at 8.7 oz. Below you can see… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Truck M3

The Truck M3 glove is a well thought-out and constructed snow sports glove sold at an extremely reasonable price point. It is a good all-around ski glove that, despite the lack of flashy features or proprietary technologies, holds its own against gloves twice as expensive. Fit & Comfort The Truck M3 fits, well, like a glove. I measured my hand and sized according to the chart on Truck's website, and the gloves fit perfectly. Truck's website says that the M3 is designed to fit "a little more… Full review

rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Outdoor Research Toddlers' Adrenaline Mitts

A pair of winter-ready (insulated and waterproof) toddler mitts that have kept my little one's hand warm and dry this winter. Like all kids stuff, sizing may be tricky, but as long as they fit, the mitts can handle almost any little kid's winter adventure. Conditions and Tester Specs: My daughter wore the Outdoor Research Toddlers' Adrenaline Mitts during the winter months in central Pennsylvania. At the time of testing, she was 15-18 months old (and wearing mostly 2T clothes for size reference)… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Give'r Classic Give'r Gloves

An unusually durable shoulder to winter season glove. These gloves are well-finished, have a moderate amount of insulation, and arrive pre-waxed so they resist wetting out. Sizing can be an issue, so be careful when you order. Also, there are less-expensive alternatives. SUMMARY I purchased these gloves after reading a review on Trailspace and because finding a good glove for cooler but not freezing weather has been challenging. In my experience, gloves that give you reasonable use of your hands… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Give'r Classic Give'r Gloves

These gloves are for morning chores, all day on the slopes from first chair to last call, and still perfect for that après time around the campfire. When work and play become indistinguishable, you’ve got it figured out. In our forest, we smile just as hard when we’re enjoying a cocktail as when we’re chopping wood and watching it burn. The foundation to a successful day in the woods are your boots… of course. But second only to your boots are your gloves. Give'r Classics Large  We were… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
SealSkinz Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Gauntlet

The SealSkinz Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Gauntlet is a well-constructed, warm and waterproof glove for getting out and about in the cold. Ideal for downhill skiing and backcountry ski descents when temperature fall below -10˚C / teens F, and as a camp glove in somewhat higher temperatures. Preliminary Review Sealskinz has provided me with two pairs of gloves to put to the test, these and the All Weather Glove. Sealskinz specializes in waterproof/breathable socks, gloves, mittens, and hats,… Full review

rated 3 of 5 stars
SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Glove

The SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Glove is a tough, waterproof-breathable glove, but the suede palms and fingers wet easily, so the gloves feel cold and wet even when they are dry inside. Best reserved for moist but not wet shoulder season activity. Preliminary Review Sealskinz has provided me with two pairs of gloves to put to the test, these and the Extreme Cold Weather Gauntlet. Sealskinz specializes in waterproof/breathable socks, gloves, mittens, and hats, with nearly 50 options just in… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Arc'teryx Alpha FL Glove

Beautifully-made, well-designed gloves that should live up to the Arc'teryx Alpha FL name. First off, I am an Arc'teryx fan boy. I rarely leave the house without either my Alpha FL or Alpha SV jackets. I've owned and worn them for years and they still look brand new. They are the very definition of bomber gear and I feel like I can put 100% faith in them to deliver in times of need. I don't regret a single penny that I spent on them and would absolutely buy them again if anything happened to either… Full review

rated 4 of 5 stars
Outdoor Research Southback Sensor Gloves

The Southback Sensor Gloves by Outdoor Research make it possible to snap photos and stay connected on the trail without risking frozen fingers. They incorporate sensor technology so you can use touchscreen devices without de-gloving. The Southback is a comfortable glove that keeps me warm even on cold winter days. However, while the sensor technology works well, I found myself having to take my gloves off in order to access my phone, and therefore just didn't take advantage of the sensor feature… Full review

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