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Voluntary recall for SPOT 2 Satellite Messengers

During recent testing, SPOT discovered that some of the new SPOT 2 devices might not meet battery and messaging operating specifications. Spot is conducting a voluntary return on any new model SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT 2) purchased since October 1, 2009.

Affected Units

To see if your SPOT-2 unit is affected by this issue, please do the following:

  • If you have activated your SPOT-2 unit, login to your account at, click on the My GPS Locations tab and a message will display indicating if you have an affected SPOT-2 unit.
  • If you have not activated your SPOT-2 unit, do not activate. We highly recommend you return your product for replacement at your earliest convenience.

The Exchange Process

  • Replacement units are anticipated to be available in early 2010. More details to follow.
  • If you exchange your eligible unit, you will also receive 1 additional month of your current SPOT service plan and associated services.
  • Once exchanged, you will receive a new SPOT-2 unit.
  • Please follow this process to receive your return shipping materials. These will be sent you upon completion of the form.
  • Ship only your SPOT-2 unit and take out batteries prior to shipping.

Important notes
This does not affect SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker (SPOT-1) nor is it an upgrade program to transition from SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker (SPOT-1) to the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2).


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