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Easton and Brooks-Range Offer Light Shelters

Several shelters at Outdoor Retailer veered from ultralight into the realm of uber-light (see the two-person Sierra Designs Mojo UFO at 1 pound 11 ounces).

While many super light shelters skimp on headroom and livable space, two from Easton Mountain Products and Brooks-Range Mountaineering combine spacious interiors with high tech materials for insane space-to-weight ratios.

Easton Mountain Products

The Easton Ultralight Expedition tent (above) is constructed from a Cubic-Tech Cuben fiber. Technically a laminated film, this material got its start as sailcloth and combines high tensile strength with extremely low weight.

The Ultralight Expedition is a true four-season shelter that marries impermeable Cuben Fiber with waterproof-breathable eVent membranes to enhance breathability and reduce condensation. And, at a cost of $2,000, the Easton Ultralight Expedition edges out the $1,800 Cuben Fiber Sierra Designs Mojo UFO for jaw-dropping high price. 

Ultralight Expedition Specs

Weight: 2 lb 9 oz

Livable Space: 28.7 sq ft

Poles: Easton ION carbon poles

MSRP: $2,000

Available: late Spring 2013 

Brooks-Range Mountaineering

Also known for light, functional equipment, Brooks-Range introduced its own new lightweight shelter at Outdoor Retailer. The Stubai, a pyramidal tent with a central pole, is designed for ski touring groups and base camps.

Ceiling vents reduce condensation (and survivability if you're sharing it with three of your ski-touring buddies!). Siliconized nylon construction means light weight and a far lower cost, but a slightly saggier pitch, than with Cuben.

Because the Stubai doesn't have a floor, it's best for use in winter or in areas without a lot of bugs.

Stubai Specs

Weight: 3 lb 3 oz (with pole), 2 lb 6 oz (without pole)

Livable Space: 85 sq ft

Available: February 2013

MSRP: $299 


Okay, so I looked at the UFO and was like "woah, I could buy alot of gear for that price" and here comes Easton taking it to the next level...

So this one is $2k?

Why? What is so dramatically great that it warrants a $2000 price tag? Does it have a heater so I will be toasty when the temps drop into the "nether region?"

A built in wet bar?

Cmon, throw me a bone here...

$2000... This is just getting rediculous.

Maybe I will design a tent and drop a $6k price tag on it.

Hey, why stop at $2k? :p


Stick some reflective tape on it, say $20 and add a big fat ZERO to the price tag.  You will make millions.

God bless the cottage manufacturers that starting using Cuban a few years ago. You can get Cuban shelters that are a 70% less than these offerings and much lighter as well!

Drink the Kool Aid boys.

PS: I never thought a Hilleberg would look cheap to me....

$2000 is it going to space? did NASA design it? or is that GSA pricing?

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