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Good-bye, Mion and GoLite Footwear

According to outdoor industry news source SNEWS, “Timberland has begun notifying distributors and retailers around the globe of its intention to discontinue the production of GoLite footwear and Mion footwear beginning with the fall 2008 season.”

GoLite's non-footwear products—clothing, packs, shelters, and sleeping bags—will not be affected, and spring 2008 products will still be available for both footwear brands.

I don’t have personal experience with GoLite Footwear, but I’m sorry to hear Mion will end production. They’re an innovative, environmentally-committed outdoor footwear brand. I have a pair of their Pen Shell Clogs that are super comfortable and always generate interest from other outdoor enthusiasts when I wear them.

Why can't we stop the Crocs phenomenon instead?


I agree with most of what Alicia has said. I currently own an outdoor shop in NY. I carry Timb, Mion and Golite shoes and I just heard about the dropping of Mion and Golite from my sales rep. Golite, though a VERY comfortable shoe did have some problems. Durability mostly I believe. I also think it was sort of a hard shoe to find a place for, for most people. It will be a little tough to find a buyer for that (if Timb is looking for one). Mion on the other hand should have and easier time to find someone willing to spend the $ and keep them going. I think they have a really innovative and catchy line. I think if they could bring the cost down just a little, that would make all the difference. And yes, this Crocs thing has gone a little to far. LOL :)

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