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Nalgene to Stop Making Polycarbonate Bottles

by Alicia MacLeay
April 18, 2008

Following yesterday's post on Canada potentially labeling Bisphenol-a (BPA) as toxic, come reports that Nalgene will no longer offer the popular polycarbonate water bottle.

From the April 18th New York Times:

Bottle Maker to Stop Using Plastic Linked to Health Concerns
Nalgene, the brand that popularized water bottles made from hard, clear and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate, will stop using the plastic because of growing concern over one of its ingredients.
The decision by Nalgene Outdoor Products, a unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific, based in Rochester, came after reports that the Canadian government would declare the chemical bisphenol-a, or BPA, toxic. Some animal studies have linked the chemical to changes in the hormonal system.

You can read the full article on The New Yorks Times site.

Or Nalgene's press release "Nalgene to Phase Out Bottles Containing BPA" in the blog.