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One Tough Mother: Columbia's Boyle Foils Home Invader

November 16, 2010

Gert Boyle, head of Columbia Sportswear, is known as one tough mother. In fact that's the title of her autobiography and the premise of many a Columbia outerwear ad.

Boyle lived up to that reputation earlier this month when she outsmarted an armed robber at her home.

According to news reports, the robber actually had brought along her book and asked for an autograph, before pulling his gun. Boyle pretended to turn off the home security system, but instead set off a silent alarm summoning police.

Here's the best part, from a KPTV Portland report:

"I can tell you when our police chief walked in the house, he was wearing a North Face jacket," said West Linn police Sgt. Neil Hennelly. "He asked her how she was doing, and she said 'Fine until you walked in with that jacket on.'"

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via The Outdoor Pressroom