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Multifunctional Gear + Clothing

by Alicia MacLeay
July 26, 2011

With just over a week until Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the new gear announcements have begun. Here are two interesting multifunctional pieces.

The Gerber Steady

Steady Multitool Tripod

According to the Gear Junkie, Gerber's Steady multitool sports a camera tripod attachment for those outdoor group and night shots. The Steady uses a standard screw size camera mount and two foldable legs to convert into a tripod for your camera or smartphone.

Instead of looking for the right rock to balance your camera on for that requisite summit shot, take out the multifunctional Steady.

You'll need to wait till 2012 for the Steady, though. It has a total of 12 implements and will retail for $65.

via Gear Junkie


Climbing Harness + Shorts

According to the GearCaster, Mammut has simplified getting dressed and into your climbing harness by combining the two into the Realization climbing shorts for men.

Mammut's Realizations are based on the Zephir's construction and feature a fully integrated, load-bearing climbing harness structure inside and have two specially designed loops at the front to tie in. There are also gear loops on each side.

Mammut also will offer a Refine climbing skort for the ladies, but alas, without the integrated harness, which would make it truly noteworthy.

If you think you've seen this concept before, you have. Rossignol introduced the Harness Pant for ski mountaineering in 2008 and now offers the Phantom Harness Pant. Know of any others harness-gear-clothing combos? Share them below.

via GearCaster