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Welcome, Seth

Trailspace Community Evangelist Seth Levy

Trailspace is not just a backcountry gear guide. It's a backcountry community. Whether it's writing a gear review, sharing a trip report, or helping another member choose the right stove or fix a tent, you, our community members, make this site what it is: a positive, engaging place for those of us who like to get out there.

Community is essential and the foundation of the site. So I'm excited to announce that Seth Levy—Trailspace member, contributor, and Review Corps program coordinator—has agreed to become Trailspace's Community Evangelist.

In this expanded role, Seth will work to support, serve, and engage with the Trailspace community, create and share engaging content with current and new members and nonprofit partners, and generally get the word out about this site and great community. He'll also continue to oversee and broaden the Review Corps gear testing program.

Many of you already know Seth, and the kind, friendly, energetic person he is. Seth is a great advocate for outdoorspeople and the outdoors life. He’s a positive and fun community member to be around — even on day four of Outdoor Retailer he's still polite, smiling, and always ready to pitch in.

We're very excited to have Seth stepping up as Trailspace's Community Evangelist, engaging with and serving this amazing backcountry community. Please join us in giving him a warm welcome to his new role.


Props on your bump up, Seth! 

Thanks gonzan!  I'm stoked. 

Seth rocks... and so does his beard !!!

Great news Seth. I've been very impressed with the long reviews on Trailspace.  Congrats on your expanded role.

Thanks Phillip and Rick!  Here's to hoping the beard gets as long as the reviews!

Oh no worries, if ya look at my Copper Spur review I am definitely working on making them longer and more drawn out. I think I could double the content very easily.... Maybe triple for that matter. ;)

Looking forward to more from you Seth!

Congrats Seth!

Good for you.

Nice going Seth. 


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