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Lah wins Sierra Designs tent and MSR stakes!

Congratulations, Lah! You've won our Sierra Designs tent and MSR carbon stakes for your review of your VauDe Snow Cloud sleeping bag.

Lah's review of her VauDe bag was selected randomly from the 206 outdoor gear reviews submitted over the last two weeks. 

Her prize includes a Sierra Designs LT Strike 2 lightweight backpacking tent (slightly used, but ready to get out on the trail), a set of new MSR Carbon Core Stakes ("the lightest full-strength tent stake on the market"), and a Trailspace Trail Runner Cap.

Enjoy your tent and stakes, Lah! And let us know how they work out in your Florida adventures.

Thanks to everyone who shared reviews of their well used outdoor gear. If you didn't win, stay tuned for our next write-a-review giveaway starting later today.

You can write a review of your outdoor gear anytime. You'll not only earn the thanks of your fellow Trailspace community members for sharing your experience, you could win outdoor gear and goodies all summer long.


Good job Lah, enjoy the tent. 

A big thanks to Trailspace!

This was a great motivation to post some reviews that I've been meaning to do for awhile. And it is much appreciated, as now I will have some extra gear to use on scout trips (my old SD tent, this one I plan to make my primary!).

Aside from the contest, I really am happy to provide online reviews. For one, I rely heavily on others reviews when making purchases, since there is no major outdoor equipment store in the area where I can try stuff out. So it is good to pay forward the effort so many others have put in. Secondly, I simply love talking about gear! In the process, it helps me recall all of my adventures...and that is a great value too.

You're very welcome, Lah. You've shared some very good reviews, and we appreciate the effort and contributions.

Thanks for paying it forward! We hope the tent and stakes treat you well.


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