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Introducing Reviewer Reputation

Since Trailspace's founding, members' participation in the community has been measured and recognized simply in terms of quantity: the number of reviews you've each written. But all gear reviews are not created equal, and we believe that members who write high-quality reviews deserve credit for their efforts.

So today we're excited to introduce reviewer reputation — "reviewer rep" for short — a rough measurement of your contributions to the Trailspace community, based on both the quantity and quality of the reviews you have posted.

The primary way to gain reviewer reputation is by writing useful, detailed reviews of gear you have used. When your peers vote on your reviews, those votes will affect your reputation.

We still count quantity: for every review you write, your reputation will increase by at least 2 points, and a detailed review with pros, cons, and pictures could earn up to 8 points.

But the real driver of reviewer reputation is quality, as judged by the entire Trailspace community: each time another member votes up one of your reviews, you'll earn 10 reviewer reputation points. Reviewer reputation reflects the collective judgment of the community, and empowers each of us to play an important role in recognizing our top reviewers. 

Everywhere we previously displayed the number of gear reviews you've written — on your profile, in forum threads, review bylines, etc. — you will now see your reviewer reputation score instead.

In addition to the Reviewer Reputation score itself, we're introducing several other features to give more recognition to our best reviewers:

  • The People page has been redesigned to recognize the top reviewers of the past week, month, year, and all time. You can easily find not only the members who have been active over the longer term, but also who is contributing significantly right now.
  • For our top contributors of the past year, we're introducing new “Top 10 Reviewer” and "Top 25 Reviewer" badges that will be displayed on those members' profiles and avatars.

The overarching goals of all this is to recognize members who have made high-quality contributions, as judged by the collective wisdom of the community, and encourage all members to write reviews that are of high quality.

For more information, please read the reviewer reputation FAQ, and then build your reputation by reviewing your gear, or improve the system by voting for the reviews you find most helpful.


Internet points.  The currency of the 21st century.

I need some Bitcoins!

Johnny likes Nancy, but some people think she is too loose.

The journey of Continuous Improvement continues...

It is important for our members to know that they can go back and edit their prior/old reviews to meet more of the criteria for a "Killer Review", which will help raise their reviewer reputation. 

Tough crowd.

someone is going to sue someone over this.

I think I can see the reasoning behind this, and I think it's worth trying.

I haven't been here a year yet, but I already have my own system for weighing reviews that pretty much corresponds to this. I've come to have a great deal of respect for certain people (quite a few of them, we're blessed here!) and will rate their opinions much higher than I do those who only appear with a quick review when something they want is being offered as a prize. Don't get me wrong -- the more reviews the better! Keep those prizes coming!

But there are people active on this site that I consider true Natural Resources and making their credentials more obvious can only help everybody that passes through.

Well said Islandess, two oat cakes for you.

Is Reviewer reputation for the "last year" only for calendar year, meaning reputation for 2012, or is it in the last 12 months from the current date? 

Good question. All the time-bound rankings (Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, and Last Year) are re-calculated daily, looking back over a fixed period -- 7, 30, and 365 days, respectively, from the current date.

I'll have to work on getting a rant rating instead of a review rating since I'm not a educator or professional.


I have to say this idea gave me the "kick-in-the-butt" I needed to get around and review the gear I use. I don't buy anything without checking this site first for reviews, and I refer folks to this site all the time. I guess I've been kind of selfish for not reviewing--especially as I've noted much of the gear I use in caving & high ropes has never been reviewed by anyone.

I'm also feeling motivated to go back and improve the shorter reviews I've given in the past. I enjoy the quality "Review Corps" reviews--so why shouldn't I give a bit more for others!

Oh, and I also like the "negative" vote option. I can just imagine a troll running through the site and voting down every review.

I like Duane's idea.  Some of us are better at ranting.

There is a number next to my name, but it is has no context and is therefore meaningless.  I suspect it is a low number.

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