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G00SE Wins $500 CampSaver Gift Card! (Seriously)

Congratulations, G00SE, who just who won a $500 gift card, thanks to!

Congratulations to community member and gear reviewer G00SE (aka Jeffery Gosnell), who was selected randomly as the winner of a $500 CampSaver E-Gift Card.

Jeffery's Vargo Ti-Arc Pack review was selected randomly from the 227 outdoor gear reviews submitted since May 1:

"The external frame pack is back! ... The design is innovative. The comfort is phenomenal. ... This is the pack I want with me on the trail."

If you're a regular visitor to Trailspace you likely know Jeffery, who is one of our volunteer moderators, top reviewers, and a member of our Review Corps. Oh yeah, he won another $500 gift card back in January 2013 (try not to hate him too much; he's a really nice guy).

Jeffery even tried to turn down this prize for fear of making Trailspace look bad. We didn't let him. We're pretty sure he—or his kids or friends, family, maybe some long-lost caving buddies—will help him find a way to spend that $500 on gear at

Rest assured, Jeffery's win was truly random. We were as (happily) surprised as anyone when his number came up.


For those interested in our methodology for selecting contest winners, we total the number of reviews from the contest period (in this case 227), use to select a number through its "true randomness," then identify the corresponding review (first review on a contest's opening day is #1). If the selected review doesn't meet our rules we draw again. Jeffery's Vargo review was selected on the first draw.

To top it off, we're sending him a Trailspace Trail Runner Cap to wear on his outdoor adventures.

Thanks again to our friends at CampSaver for donating such a great prize to the Trailspace community.

If you didn't win this time, stay tuned for our next write-a-review gear giveaway starting tomorrow.

Don't worry, Jeffery won't be able to win that one too. He'll have to wait a year before he's eligible again.



That pack was probably the coolest review of the month, so....cheers, G00SE!

Congrats!  500 bucks!  Woohoo!  

Lucky dog, enjoy!

I am so grateful to TS for all they do.

That gratitude started with winning the contest in January 2013. To show my gratitude, I began posting reviews on just about everything I use.

Because of that, TS asked me to be a part of the Review Corps. To show my gratitude, I set a goal of averaging one quality review per week and to use my Facebook pages to promote TS.

Suddenly, I'm reviewer of the month. In gratitude for that I decided to start reading and positively commenting on others' reviews, especially new reviewers. My thought was positive feedback leads to more and better reviews. (I remember SagetoSnow/Jeff giving me a positive comment as an early reviewer, and it motivated me.)

So then they asked me to be a moderator because I'm so welcoming.

And now this prize!

MY POINT IS, I think Alicia, Dave, & Seth enjoy keeping me indebted to them. They are never going to let my gratitude catch up with their generosity.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

If this keeps up, Trailspace will be the official sponsor of my 2023 AT thru hike!

Congrats, Goose! I figure you've reviewed just about everything you own, so now you can get more gear for more reviews!

I look forward to reading the reviews of the products you purchase with the $500. 


YES! Congrats G00SE... Very deserving! 

Can't argue when good things happen to good people.

Due congrats, my friend!

Congrats man!!  Spend it well.

Goose I don’t know if you are philosophically opposed to playing the lottery but ……………….


I had to smile when the winner turned out to be Goose, and for such a good review. I credit karma for his deserving win. 

Or maybe it really is part of a master plot to make him permanently indebted to Trailspace (just kidding).

Despite his gracious attempt to turn down the prize, I'm sure he'll soon find some way to use it.

Congrats Goose!...well deserved!

Very well deserved!  I'm a big fan of the G00SE reviews.

So Goose, if the TS staff ever needs a kidney...

FromSagetoSnow said:

So Goose, if the TS staff ever needs a kidney...


FromSagetoSnow said:

So Goose, if the TS staff ever needs a kidney...

 Ha ha! Although now that I think of it...

Right on man.  Very cool.

Well deserved, G00SE! Great review, great reviewer!

Conrgats Goose!

Keep your eye on the AT run.  I did mine in '78 - and all of the stuff I carried is obsolete now, except the Svea stove (nobody else on the trail had heard of one), and a Gortex coat (made by Synergy Works - "who were they?") with Velcro tabs (unproven technology in mountaineering back then).  By 2023 you will have a completely new set of hiking gear to select from, and 50 K reviews under your belt.  At least you won't have to ever carry an incandescent flashlight or a camera that uses film.


Thank you all...I'll keep working on those 50k reviews!

Congrats Goose!

In such a numbers game, the strategy is simple. But the real point is, we all love your reviews because they're all great! I read every one now. Well deserved, plain and simple.

Congrats man, well deserved!

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