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rated 5 of 5 stars If you are someone who needs his feet time to adjust...then go buy your North Face or some other Chinese made crap and move along. This boot company makes an old fashioned, truly bomb proof pair of footwear. From the hand-stitched soles to the absolute top quality leather, you cannot go wrong with these boots if you actually give them a shot! I live in the Northeast Kingdom part of Vermont. There is no place more trying (besides the White Mountains in New Hampshire) on a pair of new boots. If anyone… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars In my opinion, the Alico Summit is the best all leather, general purpose, hiking boot you can buy under $400. Twenty years ago these boots had dozens of competitors. Now it's down to the Danner Mountain Lights, the Merrell Wilderness, and the non-custom Limmers for sub $400 all leather quality. I haven't worn the competitors, but I'm sure they're comparable. Each has pluses and minuses. Only the Limmer is still leather lined. All have a Norwegian welt or similar (Danner).  I didn't find these boots… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Strong, reliable, durable, comfortable backpacking boot. Finally, a dependable full leather boot that can be re-soled for "lifetime" use. Interior glove leather cradles the foot and ankle. Footbed needs a Superfeet (black) upgrade, but still works. The Italian Alico brand boots are imported by Sierra Trading Post, and sold through their website and storefronts. Handmade in the Dolomites, by craftsmen. The Summits are pretty stiff straight out of the box, but all good boots are. They break in fast… Full review

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rated 5 of 5 stars Traditional leather mountaineering boot. Alico New Guide Men's Mountaineering Boot Size 8.5 over 2 pounds each Vibram soles, notice the rare green dot, explain please Traction- SBR compound - "Consisting of a compound specially designed for mountaineering footwear which ensures a good grip on different grounds." "The green dot signifies a dual hardness compound which means the sole would be more durable and harder and may not grip as well as a single hardness sole. The red dot signifies fire compound. Full review

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rated 5 of 5 stars These boots are the backpacking boots on the market. Structural superiority and comfort. Old style Italian craftsmanship. A great boot for backpacking and mountaineering. These Alico New Guide Mountaineering boots are a sensational pair of backpacking boots. I have had them since July 2016. During that time I have hiked the complete JMT and did not have one problem. I did a 50-mile, break-in period and never had a hot spot or blister. On the John Muir Trail they performed outstanding. Great stability… Full review

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