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rated 1.5 of 5 stars While this is a truly bomber tent, and all the other reviews nail it, the A-shaped end poles are prone to breakage. A few years back, a tent mate failed to heed my warning to "let me set this up" and snapped the shorter A-shaped end pole because he bent/bowed it from too close to the apex. Black Diamond, bless their souls, repaired it.  Last week, I set it up at home. Since the first break, I've been extremely careful about tensioning the shorter end pole. I've set this up many many times, and… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars I bought the Ahwanee tent in the early '80s after extensively questioning Todd Bibler on the phone. Frankly, he was a bit of a bitch. He thought his tent was the best despite not being seam sealed. Setup was average and without a fly there was always some moisture and the tent took to smelling pretty bad over time. The big bay window was a plus for the time and it has worn rather well. It was a very good tent for its time—for now, not so hot. In strong winds it would take to "tumbleweeding" no… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars A good expedition tent, despite what the know-nothings say. I've owned dozens of expedition tents in my life, and taken more than my share of laps on Denali. This is one of the best tents I've ever owned. Good wind shear abilities, good ventilation (despite what certain flatlanders who don't know how to ventilate a single wall tent properly say), and generally a good tent in a storm. Plenty of vestibule room, and reasonably easy to set up in, well, a tempest.   The yellow inside wall color keeps… Full review


rated 3 of 5 stars Great tent with some durability issues. I just rewrote this after realizing I may have been way too hard on BD and this tent. My formerly beloved tent started leaking right through the walls, everywhere, a few years of moderate but careful use, and BD was absolutely no help, even telling me that Todd Tex just has a limited lifespan, even in storage! OK, call that particular rep clueless, perhaps, because after reading other people's similar issues, I now think that my problem is largely, if not… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Lightweight for such a big tent, always dry except for condensation on poles, which are inside tent, tons of room, great vestibule, holds up great in wind. Easy to set up once you learn how. Very lightweight for such a big tent, holds 2 adults, a child and 2 labs and a beagle and all our gear! Always stay dry in it and it holds up in the wind great — very sturdy. The vestibule is very large but makes for getting in and out of the tent a long crawl. Do need a little extra room to set up due to… Full review

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Bibler tents, shelters, and accessories are now sold under the Black Diamond brand.

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