Black Diamond Momentum Harness

photo: Black Diamond Momentum Harness sit harness
Black Diamond Equipment says:
Engineered for sending in all styles of climbing, from gym laps to winter ice, the Black Diamond Momentum 3S brings back the classic 3-buckle design but with a modern touch, thanks to the pre-threaded Speed buckles on the leg-loops and waistbelt. Allowing you to save time and eliminate error when donning your harness, these buckles provide maximum fit-adjustability while our Dual Core Construction(TM) provides an ultra-comfortable waistbelt that soaks up long hanging belays and whippers with ease. Four pressure-molded gear loops hold the rack, while the rip-stop fabric of the leg-loops add durability to ensure you'll be roping up season after season.


Price Current Retail: $44.93-$64.95
Historic Range: $0.01-$99.95
Price Current Retail: $44.93-$59.95
Historic Range: $42.71-$59.95
Price Current Retail: $39.93-$49.95
Historic Range: $34.97-$49.95