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CamelBak Forge 12oz Travel Mug

photo: CamelBak Forge 12oz Travel Mug thermos says:
The amount of crushed coffee cups in your car have reached a critical limit, so before your environmentally friendly buddy has a panic attack when he sees that graveyard of tree-made paper cups in the back of your car, clean out that environmental disaster and give the baristas the Camelbak Forge Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug every morning from now on. This insulated mug keeps your coffee piping hot a lot longer than any dead tree ever could, and its leak-proof lid makes sure your car's cup holder doesn't turn into a bathtub filled with coffee. The lid also features extendable arms that enable easy cleaning, and the aroma bowl helps you figure out whether your coffee is too hot or not before actually taking a sip.


Price Historic Range: $13.99-$28.99


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