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Hults Bruk Bjork

photo: Hults Bruk Bjork axe/hatchet
Moosejaw says:
The Hults Bruk Bjork Splitting Axe is a heavy duty axe for splitting mega sized logs. Bjork the axe, not the singer, as this axe head has been hand-forged in Sweden, not Iceland. The overall weight of 4 2/3 lbs has an gloriously sharp blade with unique shape to drive into the Wood with purpose. Split up a few logs and snuggle in front of the fire with your significant other. Included is a traditional leather sheath, so you can revel in the beauty of fine craftsmanship, even when you're not chopping logs. Features of the Hults Bruk Bjork Splitting Axe As part of the production process, the steel is struck multiple times thereby increasing its Density and resulting in more durability of the axe The head is constructed in such a way that there is a tempered zone designed to hold a very sharp edge even after many sharpenings Each axe comes with a traditional leather protective sheath that is embellished with some unique Swedish decorative elements The axe comes with a detailed users manual


Price Historic Range: $76.30-$124.00


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