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Fischer Spider 62

rated 5 of 5 stars If you're looking for an excellent set of XC skis, I recommend the Fischer Spider 62's. These skis can be used on groomed XC trails and especially off-trails. The full metal edge will give you the grip you need while in the backcountry trails, indeed. Well, here goes, my review of my Fischer Spiders XC skis. I recently picked them up at REI Outfitters in Troy, Michigan. As a matter of fact, I picked them up the day after Michigan was dumped on by the first major snowfall in 2017! When I walked into… Full review

Fischer Spider 62

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent skis for track or light back-country. I've been xc skiing since I was a kid growing up in Michigan—50 years! I love these skis. With full metal edges, they are perfect for skiing on snowmobile tracks or in light powder. They have a nice side cut for easy turning, and are slender enough to use in classic tracks on the golf course as well. I can even skate with them! I let a friend who is fairly new to xc skiing use them once, and she immediately bought a pair. Same thing for my sister. Full review

Salomon Snowscape 7

rated 5 of 5 stars These are the perfect beginner's skis. They're durable without being too heavy. They slide well and you don't have to worry about waxing (time and money saving). They're good for several different skiing situations. This was really my first season skiing. In the past I've rented skis for the once or twice I would go out in a year. These skis do resemble those that many places may rent.  They're very easy to use. Waxless: One less thing to learn when you're just starting out. Good Balance: Slightly… Full review

Altai Skis Hok

rated 4 of 5 stars True to their description, these are a cross between x-country skis and snowshoes and just might be the right choice for many for winter travel in the front and backcountry. I rented a pair if these from a local shop to give a whirl. I rented 125's that were mounted with BC NNN bindings, I happened to have a pair of boots that worked so off I went. They were easy to maneuver with, they climb nicely, and on the way out I shaved a lot of time off versus snowshoeing.   I did go down a couple a couple… Full review

Atomic Skintec Classic

rated 5 of 5 stars A very simple, functional product. Atomic has nailed it here. Great kick, good glide, and no maintenance! Not a lot to say — they do what the manufactures says they do. Plain and simple. Full review

Atomic Skintec Classic

rated 4 of 5 stars I went out for the first time on these skis a few days ago. I'm a recreational skier and on the trails almost daily, mostly using waxable skis. I found the Atomic skis great for grip on a fairly icy track, good glide, but watch out for lichen in the track. I do know that if a ski is waxed with klister the same can happen. I was very careful when first going over windfall on these skis. All seemed good; they did glide over windfall so I stopped worrying. Almost finished my loop, I hit some old man's… Full review

Madshus Epoch

rated 4 of 5 stars Versatile off-trail xcountry ski. This ski is identical to the Karhu XCD 10th Mountain. This ski is marketed as a hybrid between a telemark and a xcountry ski.  Perhaps the best way to review this ski is by comparing it to its two siblings: the Madshus Eon (Karhu XCD GT) and the Madshus Annum (Karhu XCD Guide). First of all, from my perspective, all of these skis are designed to be first and foremost off-trail, classic kick and glide xcountry skis. Yes, they do have a progressive sidecut; they… Full review

Madshus Eon

rated 5 of 5 stars Versatile and efficient off-trail xcountry. This ski is identical to the Karhu XCD GT. This ski comes in either a waxable base or a waxless base. I currently use the waxless base. These are well designed off-trail xcountry skis. I have skied several hundred kilometers on my current pair, with no problems. Although this ski is marketed as a hybrid between a telemark and a classic xcountry ski, it truly excels as an off-trail classic kick and glide ski. Yes, it does have a progressive sidecut; it… Full review

Madshus Annum

rated 5 of 5 stars Ultimate off-trail xcountry ski: trail breaker/deep snow. I have been an avid nordic skier for over 30 years. My everyday skiing has always been off-trail, backcountry, kick and glide xcountry; on rolling terrain with the occasional steep climb and descent. For most of my years I have always assumed that something as fat as the Annum is really a telemark ski and have reserved them for that use alone (with 75mm telemark bindings). (In recent years I have only needed telemark gear a couple of times… Full review

Alpina Control 60 added Oct 5, 2018
Alpina Energy Jr. added Oct 5, 2018
Fischer Twin Skin X-Lite EF added Oct 16, 2016
L.L.Bean Heritage Edition Adventure 62 added Oct 14, 2016
Fischer Discovery 60 Crown added Jul 19, 2016
Rossignol Evo XC 50 NIS added Jun 13, 2016
Rossignol Evo XC 60 NIS added Jun 13, 2016
Rossignol Evo XC 59 added Jun 13, 2016
Rossignol Evo XC 55 added Jun 13, 2016
Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin added Jun 4, 2016
$300 - $340
Atomic Sport Grip added May 30, 2016
Fischer Excursion 88 Crown added Nov 5, 2015
Fischer S-Bound 98 Crown added Nov 5, 2015
Fischer S-Bound 112 Crown added Nov 5, 2015
Fischer S-Bound 125 Crown added Nov 5, 2015
Blizzard Zero G 85 added Apr 7, 2015
$480 - $599
Madshus Cadence 90 SE added Apr 1, 2015
Fischer CRS Classic Vasa added Oct 29, 2014
Rossignol B 65 added Oct 25, 2014
Atomic Sport Skintec added Oct 24, 2014
Salomon Equipe RC Skin Classic Ski added Oct 24, 2014
Salomon XADV Escape Touring Ski added Oct 24, 2014
Salomon Equipe Junior Classic added Oct 21, 2014
Atomic Motion XCruise 55 Grip added Oct 16, 2014
Atomic Motion 46 Wax added Oct 16, 2014
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Altai Skis Hok added Nov 22, 2013
$225 - $329
L.L.Bean Cross-Country Skis added Oct 30, 2013
Fischer Speedmax Classic Plus added Oct 30, 2013
L.L.Bean Snowflake Skis added Oct 15, 2013
Salomon Elite 5 Grip added Oct 11, 2013
Salomon XADV Free Grip added Oct 7, 2013
Fischer Passion My Style added Sep 30, 2013
Rossignol BC 100 Positrack added Sep 25, 2013
$75 - $99
Salomon Equipe 9 Ski added Sep 19, 2013
Madshus Metis Classic Zero CIG Ski added Jul 31, 2013
Madshus Ultrasonic Classic MGV+ added Jul 31, 2013
Madshus Terrasonic Classic Zero CIG Ski added Jul 31, 2013
Karhu Rendezvous Jr added Apr 5, 2013
Alpina Frontier NIS added Feb 22, 2013
Rossignol EVO OT added Feb 1, 2013
Alpina Control Lite added Nov 20, 2012
Atomic Rainier Posigrip added Nov 20, 2012
Fischer Inspire My Style added Oct 31, 2012
Fischer RCR Crown Vasa added Oct 31, 2012
Salomon Elite Aero G2 Micro added Oct 31, 2012
Fischer Voyager NIS Touring added Oct 29, 2012
Fischer SC Classic added Oct 29, 2012
Atomic Team Classic Posigrip added Oct 21, 2012
Fischer RCS Classic Zero added Oct 4, 2012
Fischer E109 Crown Xtralite added Sep 21, 2012
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