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E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker

rated 5 of 5 stars A powerful speaker that produces great sound with the ability to charge while out on adventures. Also has a large capacity battery that can be used to not only play music but also charge your phone. As a member of another website, I get new and interesting products to try out at campgrounds I visit in exchange for a review. On a recent bike camping trip, I tried out the Renogy E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker. My takeaways from using the combo speaker/solar charger are: The solar panel actually… Full review

Portable Outdoor Water Filter

rated 2.5 of 5 stars It is a functional pump that works, but isn't all the easy to use, especially by yourself. There are better filters out there...I'd recommend Sawyer. It is a functional pump that works, but isn't all the easy to use, especially by yourself. I found that having at least one person to assist by holding the clean water bottle and to make sure the water inlet hose stays in place. It went even better with three people. Unfortunately for me, this isn't great. Overall, a functional filter that works as… Full review

Portable Outdoor Water Filter

rated 5 of 5 stars Easy to use, compact filter. As a member of another website, I occasionally receive free gear to demo in the field while camping in exchange for a review. Hiking the Grand Teton was the perfect opportunity to put the Renogy Tactical Water Microfilter to the test. This trek was taxing and I consumed a lot of water to keep hydrated. The Renogy water filter is compact and super easy to put together and use quickly. There is a silicon tube that attached to each end of the device. There is a float… Full review

Solar Backpack

rated 3 of 5 stars As a backpack it is great, and the solar panels are an added bonus. Overall I'm very happy with the backpack and will definitely make use of it, though if I were to need a solar charging kit, I'd probably buy it separately from the backpack itself. I don't see the practicality of hiking with the solar panel charging…the pack would only be a daypack, but if you only need a daypack, your phone should be fine for just a day. You'd get better performance from a stationary panel, which is how I used… Full review

Solar Backpack

rated 4 of 5 stars Urban jungle ready backpack for college or job site. Plenty of room and solar recharging of your gadgets. I received this innovative backpack to review while I went camping/backpacking. Out of the box it is a nice subdued gray/black. There are a lot of pockets including one on the side. There is plenty of room for your laptop, paperwork and afternoon snack. It has zippered side pockets for beverages and a zippered pocket behind the back pad at the bottom. One of the cool parts of this bag is the… Full review

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