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Salomon XADV Escape Touring Ski

photo: Salomon XADV Escape Touring Ski nordic touring ski says:
Cross country skiing doesn't have to mean spandex, cowbells, and thousand-racer mass starts. It can mean getting out there and exploring new places where there are no other people for miles. If the latter is the kind of cross country skiing that appeals to you, the Salomon XADV Escape Touring Ski is what you should be riding. This versatile ski is built to provide stability, grip, and maneuverability whether you're in the groomed tracks or out. The Escape features Posigrip waxless and G2 Plus grip technologies for good kick and consistent glide. Leave those skinny skis to the racers; this adventure-built ski features a 51mm waist and 55mm forefoot width, because not everything is groomed all the time. The maneuverable S-Cut shape provides a light carving sidecut with a wider platform for optimized control, especially when descending out of the track, meaning you don't have to be afraid to get off the beaten path. Optimized camber construction is designed specifically for maneuverability, and D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control means that Salomon digitally controlled the molding press during construction to ensure the perfect amounts of flex and camber.


Price Historic Range: $96.59


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