Tilley T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat

photo: Tilley T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat sun hat
Summit Hut says:
Specifically designed for the Hiker/Trail blazer. Not only does this Hat offer complete sun and rain protection, it comes with an evaporative cooling insert in the crown to help against heat stress. How does the insert work? - Unique fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through evaporation And then? - It helps 'super charge' the body's natural cooling process What will I feel? - It won't feel like an air-conditionner on your head - it will help keep the temperature cooler inside the hat, helping to protect against heat stress. How is it activated? - Simply soak in clean water for up to 5 min. Insert into the mesh secret pocket. Re-activate as needed. In extreme heat, soak and then freeze a few hours before use.


Price Current Retail: $104.95-$105.00
Historic Range: $88.99-$105.00


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