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StickPic Cell Phone Adapter

StickPic's Cell Phone Adapter/Holder addresses the reality that fewer people are carrying a standard digital camera and are instead relying on their phone's camera to capture those memorable shots. After testing this item on the slopes of Mt. Rainier, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to others. Disclosure: In my July review of the StickPic, I mentioned how I had not tested the cell phone adapter/holder that they sell. When Rod, the owner of Stickpic, saw my review, he insisted… Full review

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The Stick Pic is a handy little gadget that turns your camera into the ultimate “selfie” device. Designed for traditional cameras, with a threaded-base for tripods, the Stick Pic is worth those 11 grams (0.4 oz). Let me start by saying I LOVE cottage industry products. I am a huge fan of the idea that a guy named Rod wanted to find a better way to take trail pics and ended up inventing the Stick Pic. Then he improved the idea by making various sizes for various poles. I love that he is still… Full review

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The StickPic turns your trekking pole into the original "selfie stick." It is a little doohickey that screws onto the bottom of your camera and then slides onto the tip of your trekking pole so that you can hold your camera out away from you to put yourself in the picture. Nobody needs the StickPic, but if you like to take photos when you hike with a "real" camera (not a smartphone), and you use trekking poles already, then you WANT the StickPic. This is a review of the StickPic camera accessory. Full review

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Leki Aergon Photo Adapter

Useful little gizmo for photographer/hikers that adds utility to your hiking pole. We have two sets of Leki hiking poles and I picked up one of these little photo-adapters to allow me to mount a camera to the top of one of the poles. The instructions are in pictogram form and very simple. It took about a minute to take apart the top of one of my grips and reinstall the new part that converts the pole into a camera mount, and that time included opening the packaging ;-) There are actually two parts… Full review

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Black Diamond Trekking Pole Tip Protector

A product that is good to keep an extra on hand. Full review

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Equinox Bockadam Hiking Pole Bag

The small size fits trekking poles 30 inches or less when collapsed. The fit is a little tight for Leki poles because of the baskets.  Black Diamond baskets are smaller and not a problem.  The bag is well made and great for storing and transporting your poles. Full review

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Leki Aergon Photo Adapter

I had some difficulty installing the photo adapter because the tool provided is too flimsy to remove the pin that secures the top of the grip.  I resorted to using a small screwdriver to push the pin out so I could replace the standard grip top with the photo adapter top.  Other than that the photo adapter works as advertised, but only if you can get the pole to stand by itself. It will work in soft dirt, sand, snow and rocky places where you can wedge the pole in. It's fine for point and shoot… Full review

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Tracks Rubber Foot (Flex Tip)

I bought 4 pairs of these since 1990. I believe that in 20+ years I used up no more than two pairs. They are extraordinarily sturdy. N.B. I use the poles only on asphalt and equivalent. Full review

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