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Vasque MX2

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The MX2 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2022.


Price Reviewers Paid: $120.00-$210.00


4 reviews
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Fit is great, waterproof is great, break-in was longer than the China made Sundowners but the mx2's are far better boot. If you can find the Italian made ones buy them, they can be resoled.


  • stiff foot bed
  • good support
  • waterproof
  • good lace attachment
  • ankle support
  • arch support
  • great fit


  • they stopped making them in Italy
  • not a fan of the China made sundowners
  • if they were cheaper it wouldn't be so bad. i'd spend 75 bucks on a boot that would only last a year.(this is about the china made sundowners)

i got my last pair of these in December of 2005. not sure when they stopped making them in Italy but i think these are some of the last ones. one of the best pairs of boots i have ever owned. spent 2 years wearing them, zero complaints.

i spend a lot of time in my boots, i wore the sole out in that 2 years, not completely but enough that i didn't want to continue wearing them and ruin the inner sole so i couldn't get them resoled. i sent them out and got them resoled and they are back as good as new.

fit- great, even the China made Vasques seem to fit the same for me.

comfort- there was a slight break-in period but no blisters.

support- great, ankle, arch, achilles, and side to side. almost perfect.

traction- couldn't ask for more.

temp control- they are a full leather boot thats waterproof, choose the right sox and you'll be good.

ease of use- put your foot in and lace them up.

features- made in Italy.

construction & durability- way better than the chinas, thicker leather and a more durable sole. the stitching seems to be a lot stronger than the chinas. these are not mountaineering boots, but they are one of the best backpacking and heavy hiking boots made. i can't say enough about them.

wore them for 2 years before i got them resoled, plan on getting another 2 out of them before i get them resoled.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200

I have over 500 miles on a my pair of MX2's. On my last trip I after three days of hiking trails that looked more like creeks my feet got wet the first time. The leather boot looks like it was chewed up by a bull dog they are still the most comfortable boot I have ever has on my feet I am about to order a new pair because we are heading to Rainier this July. I only wish the MX2 for men came in Nubuck rather than only dark brown.

Stan Watkins

Materials: Leather with Gore tex inner boot.
Use: long rough trails with heavy packs
Break-in Period: 3 months
Price Paid: $207

I've owned both the Sundowner Classic and MX2 on many hikes along the Appalachian Trail in Georgia and in North Carolina. I totally wore-out my Sundowners and noticed a very poor fitting sundowner now made in China. I had really wished Vasque didn't switch to making the Sundowner Classics in China, the last is definitely not the same because the heel area is much wider than the last or mold when it was made in Italy. I also liked the low profile of the sundowners you could romp around the city and getaway with them with a pair of Kakis even going out to restaurants.

The MX2's are heavier than the orginal Sundowner's too, an REI employee was weighing the two boots and noticed a difference of 6 ounces. I noticed this on my last hike when my knees were beginning to hurt from the added weight of the boots. I felt like I had concrete blocks on my feet. No doubt the MX2 offers greater support than the classic sundowner, but still gets a low rating on its clunky lug sole appearance and it overall heavier weight. Perhaps they could shave a little off the sole without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.

I'm at least happy that they are using one-piece leather construction. My old Sundowners had a lot of character as they got scuffed up, they were way cool. I can only hope that Vasque comes back to their senses and creates the Sundowners the "Classic way." One last comment, I did contact several people at Vasque in the past, but I think they are sitting on their hands since nothing has changed for the better in the last year.

Materials: gore-tex lining
Use: day trip hiking, light pack
Break-in Period: one week
Weight: 3.8 lbs.
Price Paid: $210

The MX2 took much longer to break in than my Sundowners did (3-4 day trips at least). All in all they still are a good boot. I had no problem after the break in period. I had my return trip to the Saw Tooth Mountain Range last summer and we went in about 11 miles with a 40 lb pack. I had a slight Achilles tendon strain, but that probably was not due to the boots. I also found how valuable trekking poles are. I will not hike with a heavy pack on a long trip without them now

Materials: leather
Use: moderat to heavy
Break-in Period: 3-4 day trips
Weight: 3 lbs
Price Paid: $120

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