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Osprey Launches Recycled Daypacks

by Alicia MacLeay
February 19, 2007

A few years back Osprey set the goal of building a fully-functional pack from as many recycled materials as possible. After more than two years of sourcing materials and refining design, the result is the ReSource Series, a collection of four daypacks and two courier bags built almost entirely from recycled materials.

“Osprey has always been dedicated to sustainable business practices. But we felt we weren’t truly ‘walking the walk’ until we backed up our environmental integrity with product that reflects that focus,” said Gareth Martins, Osprey marketing and PR manager, of the new series.

The packs and courier bags in Osprey’s ReSource Series, available for the fall of 2007, are made from a minimum of 70 percent recycled materials by content, 80 percent by weight. The materials include:

  • 100% recycled PET (made from recycled soda bottles) main body fabric

  • 100% recycled PET binding tape

  • 100% recycled PET webbing

  • 100% recycled PET mesh pockets

  • Recycled buckles – reground from buckle scrap

  • 60% recycled spacer mesh

The only components not made from recycled materials are the packs’ piping and zippers (“a near miss,” said Martins of the zippers).

The packs’ other environmental features include their choice of colors, Glacier (blue), Panda (black), Redwood (rust red), and Tundra (green), which reflect things that need saving, and information about the recycled components imprinted inside each pack.

Osprey didn’t make any sacrifices to quality or price to produce the ReSource Series, says Martins. Making the recycled daypacks costs Osprey about the same as previous daypack models. “Consumers aren’t paying a premium” for recycled content, he said.

While Osprey’s ReSource Series packs are designed primarily for urban outings, expect to see similar recycled materials and technology work their way into Osprey’s more technical backpacks.

“Ultimately we want to evolve the concept into our entire line,” said Martins. Daypacks were the best place to start, due to their less technical design and use. With the launch of the ReSource Series, a completely recycled trekking or climbing pack may not be far behind.

The Osprey ReSource Series

1,300 cubic inches ($59)
With internal laptop sleeve and internal front panel organization, the Revo daypack offers single-zip front panel access and pass-through access to an internal pocket.

1,600 cubic inches ($84)
The Cypher daypack features an internal music pouch with wire ports, zippered top-entry laptop access, and inner panel organization pocket with main body pass-through access.

1,700 cubic inches ($74)
The React daypack features a laptop sleeve, internal front panel organization, single-zip main panel access, and pass-through access to an internal organization pocket.

1,900 cubic inches ($99)
The Circuit daypack has zippered top-entry laptop access, internal music pouch with wire ports, large front pocket with organizer, and front zippered slash pocket.

1,000 cubic inches ($84)
The low-profile Astro courier bag offers top laptop access, front archway pocket with organizers, internal front panel mesh pocket, and a cell phone pouch. Safety lights can be clipped on.

1,500 cubic inches ($99)
A laptop-carrying courier, the Elroy has top laptop access, front archway pocket with organizers, zippered expandable bellows front pocket, a cell phone pouch, and safety light clip-ins.