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Climashield Receives Rock & Ice's Sprout Award

Climashield, the leading manufacturer of continuous filament insulation, will be recognized by Rock and Ice Magazine in the June 2007 issue for developing a new, cutting-edge green insulation that is made with recycled materials. Rock and Ice Magazine commends Climashield, the first recipient of the Sprout Award, for the brand’s extraordinary efforts to promote “seeds of change” in a world with many environmental problems. The Sprout Award recognizes Climashield as a forward thinking, innovative company that is dedicated to research and development.

Climashield Green continuous filament insulation is made with more than 40 percent recycled content and is lighter, warmer, and tougher than down. As the first of its kind, there is new, advanced technology that goes into the manufacture of Climashield Green. Continuous filament technology takes thousands of continuous strands of polyester and spreads them into a naturally interlocking form of insulation.

Unlike cut staple, which requires a chemical treatment to keep it together, Climashield Green recycled continuous filament is naturally durable and stretchable and will not pull apart, clump, shift, or separate. After rigorous testing in the lab and in the field, Patagonia has decided to use Climashield Green. The first product introduced by Patagonia and Climashield Green will be an updated version of the Micro Puff Pullover.


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