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Outdoor Retailer: Jetboil Flash PCS

Love the Jetboil PCS personal cooking system, but want to stand out from the crowd? The new Flash PCS version will come in four colors—black, gold, purple, and blue—and has several new features that reportedly increase the PCS’s performance and ease of use, along with adding some bling.

The new Jetboil Flash will feature:

  • thermochromic technology on the PCS cup, that fancy talk means the decorative wave on the outside of the cup changes colors as contents inside heat up (check it out in the video below),
  • and a redesigned 1-liter cooking pot that includes a translucent lid to track cooking progress while preventing hot liquid from boiling over.

Ashley Gonnella presented the new Flash PCS to us today, and Lisa Eaton of Jetboil gave us a demonstration in thermochromism:


The Flash canister stove cooking system will be available for fall 2009 and will retail for $99.95.


Although I was a bit put off by the emphasis on the "wonderful new colors" of the insulating sleeve (sooo, what does the color of the pot have to do with cooking the food?), the really interesting thing about the thermochromic technology is the color change of the "wave" as the contents heat up. I asked about the temperature of the color change and was told it starts at approximately 140F and is about half-done at 160F. This happens to be very close to the 155F "kill point" for the majority of biotics, including protozoa like giardia and cryptosporidium, and almost everything that will cause problems for humans.

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