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Nemo's first sleeping bags new shape for side-sleepers

by Alicia MacLeay
August 9, 2011

Spoon Shaped

Inspecting Nemo's new Spoon Shaped bags at Outdoor Retailer.

Side sleeping is the most common sleep position, preferred by as many as two-thirds of people. But, mummy bags are designed ideally for back sleeping, and side sleepers can find themselves twisting and turning to get comfy.

Nemo's new patent-pending Spoon Shaped sleeping bags for 2013 are designed with side-sleepers in mind. The Spoon Shaped bags are widest around the knees, for more leg wiggle room, but warmer than a traditional rectangular bag. Nemo, known for its unique tents with AirSupported beams, is boldly calling the Spoon Shape a new sleeping bag shape.

"We started by looking at the way people sleep at home; needless to say, very few people choose to sleep in a mummy position," said Nemo founder Cam Brensinger of the company's foray into sleeping bag design.

Each of the four Spoon Shaped men's and women's 600-fill down or Primaloft Synergy bags have Insotect Flow vertical baffles and a detachable hood. Unzip and remove the hood in warm weather and you can flip the bag over for 10 degrees less of insulation on the bottom of the bag.

A Blanket Fold of extra quilted material at the bag's neckline can be folded up for extra warmth on cold nights. Or, when the bag is flipped over and the hood removed in warm weather, folded out and used as a clean spot to put your pillow.

The foot of every Nemo sleeping bag is waterproof and breathable to protect from condensation on shelter walls. All bags will be available by 2013, though a soft launch is possible for 2012.

A men's Spoon Shaped sleeping bag from Nemo.

Rhapsody 15° (women's) and Nocturne 15° (men's)

  • Weight: < 3 lb
  • Fill: 600 down fill
  • MSRP: $289.95 (women's), $299.95 (men's), $329.95 (men's long)

Cadence 25° (women's) and Pulse 25° (men's)

  • Weight: < 3.75 lb
  • Fill: Primaloft Synergy
  • MSRP: $189.95 (women's), $199.95 (men's), $219.95 (men's long)

Calliope 30° (women's) and Muse 30° (men's)

  • Weight: < 2.5 lb
  • Fill: 600 down fill
  • MSRP: $269.95 (women's), $279.95 (men's), $299.95 (men's long)

Harmony 40° (women's) and Rhythm 40° (men's)

  • Weight: < 3.5 lb
  • Fill: Primaloft Synergy
  • MSRP: $169.95 (women's), $179.95 (men's), $199.95 (men's long)


Strato Loft

The rectangular and roomy Strato Loft, in foreground.

Nemo also is launching the roomy Strato Loft, a 25°F, 600-fill down rectangular sleeping bag. The Strato Loft has a bottom pocket to hold a Cosmo Air or Cosmo Insulated sleeping pad, horizontal baffles, and stretch construction.

With a generous volume and zippers on each side, the Strato Loft can be zipped with multiple (yes, multiple) Strato Loft bags on either side or both sides.

Strato Loft 25°

  • Weight: < 3 lb
  • Fill: 600 down fill
  • MSRP: $299.95


Extreme Conditions

Nemo's -40°F Canon with tunnel hood.

While the Spoon Shaped and Strato Loft bags are designed with room to move, Nemo's Extreme Conditions Technology (ECT) mummy bags are close-fitting and intended for the harshest climates on Earth.

The 850-fill down bags have a center zip, Insotect Flow vertical baffles, a tunnel hood to keep a pocket of warm air near your face ("It's my favorite part," said Kate Ketschek, Nemo's director of marketing and public relations). The head area is designed to fit like a parka ("You can wear it like a jacket" in camp, said Ketschek).

The entire exterior of the ECT bags is made with a Nemo waterproof-breathable fabric.

Canon -40°

  • Weight: < 4.5 lb
  • Fill: 850 down fill
  • MSRP: $749.95 (regular), $789.95 (long)

Anthem -20°

  • Weight: < 3.5 lb
  • Fill: 850 down fill
  • MSRP: $649.95 (regular), $689.95 (long)

Coda 0°

  • Weight: < 3 lb
  • Fill: 850 down fill
  • MSRP: $549.95 (regular), $589.95 (long)