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Trailspace's New Moderators

In physics, a "moderator" is a substance that keeps a nuclear reaction strong and productive, toeing the line between fizzling out and an explosive release of energy. Though we're not worried about our community physically exploding, Trailspace's community moderators serve a similar, vital function. Our moderators are volunteers with enormous outdoor knowledge and tact who serve our community forums to ensure that conversations are civil, informative, and welcoming.

The Trailspace community depends on the service of our dedicated team of moderators, who monitor forums constantly, deleting spam, welcoming new members, maintaining a friendly atmosphere, and sharing their experiences.

Today, we're proud to announce that Gonzan, Rick - Pittsburgh, and Trouthunter have stepped up to serve the Trailspace community as our newest volunteer moderators. Between them, they have logged more than 6,000 well-written posts, including several Trailspace Gear Tests.

Gonzan, aka Caleb, rambles extensively in the southern Appalachians. When he's not hiking, he is an enthusiastic canyoneer. Caleb has "inside" pursuits too — he's an accomplished painter.

As his screen name suggests, Rick-Pittsburgh hails from the great state of Pennsylvania, where he regularly regularly racks up big miles on the Laurel Highlands Trail. When he's not hiking, Rick fishes and snowboards.  Trouthunter, aka Mike, began backpacking in TN in the 1980's, ranging far and wide over  the southern Appalachians. In addition to outdoor pursuits like canoeing, kayaking, and fishing, Mike is also a ham radio enthusiast and woodworker.


These three are joining Bill S, Tom D, and f_klock on our team of experienced moderators. Together they work hard every day to make Trailspace more informative, welcoming, and interesting. Please feel free to reach out to them to discuss any concerns you may have about Trailspace, to tap their enormous experience in all things outdoors, or just to say hello!


Great choices - can't think of any better.  Well, I can, but these three will do.

; )

Congratulations guys! Well deserved.


now get to work.


Thanks guys!

Don't worry, Jeff,  We'll redirect some spam your direction soon ;)

Thanks alot everyone...

For everything the site has given me its the least I can do on my end. 

I really have a great appreciation and respect for everyone here. You all rock.

If there is anything I can do to help please by all means do not hesitate in getting ahold of me at anytime.

Even if ya just want to chat thats fine by me. 

Happy hiking. 

We now have a distinclty eastern and somewhat southern flavor to the moderator team....I like it.

It may be that "Southern hospitality" thing. Whatever it is, we're psyched to have them aboard.

Congrats guys, I'm glad for you.  Three very good sane middle of the road voices.  And I must say better you than me.  I feel the same way about jury duty.  Lets see what they think of me when I get down there.

Congrats guys! 

All you need now is a Canadian......

congrat's to all three! You guy's rock the house and Seth!!!!

I didn't do it, really, really I didn't.  Please let me stay  hmmm.gif

Congratulations, guys! I know you'll all continue to make positive contributions to the Trailspace community.

Thank you!

Thanks Alicia, I'll do my best :)

Hey, aren't you supposed to be off lounging somewhere, with a good drink in one hand and a good book in the other? Or something like that?


Hey, wait a sec... Was that Alicia? 

Can't be. Alicia is taking a break. IMPOSTER!!!

On second thought... ITS DECEMBER 1ST? I gotta get on this Christmas shopping asap.

On a serious note Alicia, you're quite welcome. Hope your time away is serving you well. 

Very happy to see this! Three Gents of the highest order! We all are in good hands!

However, does being a "moderator" mean that Ricky P won't be making any more 80's Rap references in his posts?

Gonzan, don't let this "moderator" thing get in the way of your exceptional artistic talents. When, BTW, will we see more posts of your work? 

TroutHunter, how quickly can you fashion the official Trailspace Gavel? I suggest making it out of ironwood - easy for me to say I know...

Seth, conggrats to you as well on your new role here at TrailSpace! Now if I could just secure enough free time to join the Review Corps...

@XterroBrando- man, you be illin. ;)

Sorry, the opportunity presented itself and I just coudn't pass it up.

Thanks to everyone.

XterroBrando - I don't know if I have any Ironwood in the shop, I do have Ipe & Sepele, both very hard woods & sustainably grown.

I won't be posting in the forums a lot in the next couple of weeks due to a very busy schedule, so I guess I'll have some catchup to do, especially in the trip reports.

Thanks again, Mike G.

I'd like to make a motion that October 19th be selected as " moderator appreciation day!" Tokens and accolades shall be divided accordingly. (Kidding of course)

Holy cow, I just realized that this January will mark my 5th year as a member of this fine community!

Hmm wow it seems like there are nearly as many moderators now as regular/frequent participants! LOL :-)

It's not the frequent participants who need the majority of the moderation. It's the multitude of fly-by-nighters who want to sell you Rogaine, knockoff clothing, and junk gear.

Congrats!  Well deserved.  Always liked you voices in the mix.  A welcome blend.

F_lock, yup, I understand.  And it's nice to know we'll never be lacking for a moderator when one is needed :).  And in a way seeing so many of the regulars at "moderator" status just reinforces what a tight knit community this is compared to most forums.

Congrats to all of you :).

Gonzan, Trout, and Ricky-P (B-boys 4 lyfe!) are three of the most rational, articulate, and patient members of this community; I can think of no better moderators.

Thank-you, pthread, you're too kind :)

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