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Blogs, Videos, Pics, Tweets? What's your ideal Outdoor Retailer coverage?

by Seth Levy
January 11, 2012
Leave to Trace Bigfoot
Leave No Trace's Bigfoot at OR. More Bigfoot or less?

From the latest lightweight packs and snow safety gear to collapsible potty trowels and organic energy bars, the biannual Outdoor Retailer trade show has gear for outdoor enthusiasts of all interests and styles.

What are you most eager to hear about from next week's show, and how?

January 18-22, Alicia and I will be dispatching outdoor product news direct from Salt Lake City to you, our Trailspace community.

You can follow along here in the blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and on Trailspace's YouTube channel.

More pics of packs or less?

With approximately 20,000 OR attendees and nearly 1,000 outdoor brands, it's an exciting, jam-packed, exhausting show. While no one can visit every brand's booth in the sprawling Salt Palace, we do want the coverage we choose and prepare to be the best for you.

So, what does your ideal OR coverage look like?

How much do you care about new gear versus gear news? Are there certain types of outdoor products you'd most like to see covered? Outdoor trends you're curious about?

Want more people and less products profiled in the blogs, or vice versa? More coverage of show events and happenings on the show floor. Or should we stick to noteworthy new backcountry gear?

How about more pictures and videos and less words and product descriptions? Or do you crave the straight product facts and specs?

Trailspace has published more than 200 articles on Outdoor Retailer so far. Here's your chance to tell us what you'd most like to see, read, watch, and discover at the ultimate outdoor gear show next week.