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Bheiser1 wins Blizzard Survival Bag for Sock Review

Bill (and his original Trailspace hat) backpacking in Kings Canyon National Park.

Congratulations, bheiser1! You've won a Blizzard Survival Bag for your review of your WrightSock CoolMesh II Lo Quarter Socks!

Bill's review of his socks was selected randomly from the 25 essential gear reviews submitted last week. His prize includes a full-sized, waterproof, windproof Blizzard Survival Bag, plus a Trailspace Trail Runner Cap.

Enjoy your prizes, Bill, though we hope you never need the Survival Bag for a backcountry emergency.

Thanks to everyone who shared reviews of their essential outdoor gear last week. If you didn't win, stay tuned for our next write-a-review giveaway later today.

Write a review of your outdoor gear. You'll not only earn the thanks of your fellow Trailspace community members, you could win more outdoor gear and goodies all summer long.


Awesome !!! Way to go Bill...

Congrats, hope you never need to use it

How COOOL! You may want to use that whenever next you are in the City!


This will make a great addition to my emergency kit :).

Congrats Bill

Good job!

bheiser1 said:


This will make a great addition to my emergency kit :).

 You're very welcome! And we all hope you never need it.

But if you DO ever use it....and I am not hoping you do by any means, the trip report will be riveting!

This is one item for which I hope I won't be writing a review :).  I can only report that it comes in a solid vacuum-packed block, and weighs 13.4 oz (in the wrapper) on my scale (they rate it at 13.6 oz).  And it's orange :).


Glad it arrived safely, Bill, and yes, we hope you never need it either.

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