Komperdell Approach 25

photo: Komperdell Approach 25 hiking snowshoe
LeftLane Sports says:
The Komperdell Approach Snowshoe has a robust, buoyant construction designed to carry heavy loads. It has an anodized aluminum frame with durable, snow repellent Hypalon decking, a light rocker shape for easier walking, and a V-shaped back end for directional stability. The tour bindings offer an extra firm hold. Steel crampons and Tough-claws provide extra traction. Features: - Size 27 - Weight capacity up to 80 kg (176 lbs) - Extra tough and snow-repellent Hypalon decking - Light, anodized aluminum frame - The V-shape end of the shoe acts like a fin rudder in the snow, for optimal traversing and difficult descents - Steel crampons made of stainless steel, placed underneath balland heel as well as additional Tough-claws provide perfect traction - Tour-binding, stable strap system, suitable for any shoe size and normal outdoor shoe wear, extra firm hold - Heel lift - Light Rocker construction - for easier walking in the snow


Price Historic Range: $99.99


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