Montrail Index - Men's

The Men's Index has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best climbing shoes for 2020.

photo: Montrail Men's Index climbing shoe
Backcountry Outlet says:
The Montrail Index Climbing Shoe's unlined synthetic upper gives you precision feel on the rock without the two-sizes of stretch that you get from all-leather shoes. Two quick straps, and you're in and on your way to sending your next project. If that project happens to be a ten-pitch route, then you'll be stoked on the CTX foam heel. You know how your other climbing shoes rub your Achilles Tendon raw? Well, these shoes don't do that. Oh yeah. Montrail also added ultra-sticky Gryptonite rubber to keep you glued to the dime edges. Hey, comfortable shoes don't do much good if they climb like garbage.


Price Historic Range: $39.96-$79.95


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