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Widepac Hydration System

rated 3.5 of 5 stars The Source Widepac 2L Hydration System is a functional and fully-featured hydration system. The product promises a virtually maintenance-free system, negating many of the common hygiene issues associated with water reservoirs. In this regard, the Widepac does not disappoint. Despite heavy use and abuse, I did not experience any problems with microbial growth. Most components of the system also combined to provide taste-free, clean water. The Sawyer Mini Filter, as part of the Source Water Filtering… Full review

Widepac Hydration System

rated 5 of 5 stars Practical and easy to use water bladder. Source Widepac 3L in a Berghaus Wilderness rucksack I picked this model of water bladder over others for two main reasons. It is a little lighter in weight. It opens from the top, which I find more practical especially when I need to pour water from the bladder into a pot for cooking. And its bite valve comes with a cover to keep dirt off the valve—a useful feature when you set your pack down on the ground and it topples over as packs do. The slider looks… Full review

Widepac Hydration System

rated 4 of 5 stars So much easier to open, close, and clean than bladders with screw tops. The new Helix bite valve is easier to clean than the original style, but too large and difficult to open/operate, especially one-handed (while biking). Overall, though, my favorite bladder. After years of struggling with the impossible to open CamelBak bladders, I was happily introduced to the Source slide top bladder. It is so easy to open and close that I was skeptical as to how leak-proof it would be, but I've never had an… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Holds water and no funny taste after a few days. This is also a very durable piece of equipment. I changed the bite valve since the original one leaked. This bladder is a great piece of equipment that is well thought out and does what it says it will. I had an issue with the bite valve so swapped it for a Camelbak—one problem solved. I have used this bladder for a couple of years and it is still in good shape, holds no funny tastes and doesn't leak. I would recommend it to anyone. I have the 3… Full review

Widepac Hydration System

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Same as Platypus, but much cheaper. I bought the 3L version on July '15 and it (almost) never left my backpack. Before Source I was relying on two and maybe sometimes, three stainless steel thermoses for my hydration. That put a lot of extra weight, not to mention that I ended up getting dehydrated most of the times because I hated to stall the team or be left behind in order to get the thermos on/off the backpack. So I drank mainly at stops. And then Source came into play with its fulfilling 3L… Full review

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Source makes hydration systems, sport sandals, and travel accessories.

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