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Announcing Our Final 20,000 Reviews Contest Winners

It feels like a holiday gift-giving spree today at Trailspace. Six community members who wrote gear reviews during the 20,000 Reviews Contest period won prizes either by being voted a helpful reviewer or through a random drawing.

They each get an assortment of Clif products (four Clif Shot energy gels made with Clif's brand new formula, plus five Crunch and/or energy bars), plus a Trailspace cap and stickers, and a Leave No Trace awareness hangcard. Thank you, Clif and LNT!

In addition:

Oh boy! Gear goodies.
  • I won the opportunity to get to know more of our awesome members and to pass out some gear gifts, in addition to a cleaner office.

Thanks to all of you who contribute to the Trailspace community by sharing gear reviews and participating in the forums. (Hey, we've only got 4,780 reviews to go until we hit 25,000.)

Finally, a big thank you to the outdoor companies who donated prizes for the contest, especially CamelBak, Clif, Leave No Trace, Nikwax, Primus, Princeton Tec, and Spot. Thanks, all!


A big thanks to all that share reviews, and knowledge on the forums. I have learned so much from all the fine people here. Without Trailspace I would still be walking the trails without a whole lot of great gear and much less knowledge. I feel safer, and I know I'm better off

I am just glad to have found a community of people who enjoy doing the same thing as I do and being able to share any information about a product that I can.  Plus it is a "one stop shop" place for me to come when I am interested in the purchase of new gear.  Thanks!

Congratulations to all the winners!

As already said, Trailspace is a great website with lots of good reviews,  and a great place to ask questions. It's good to have a place to connect with other people who have similar interests, and even more interesting that there are members from so many different places.

I want to thank Trailspace for all the goodies I won during the contest. The trails space hat is my new favorite.

I would would have written my reviews contest or not. I'm extremely pleased that I could help others with choosing outdoor gear. And thank you to all the companies providing the prizes; I take Clif Bars on every outing and my friend pays me for rides from work with a daily Clif Bar.

You're very welcome, HinSport.

Nice job bartering for the Clif Bars.

I was able to go and pick up my box of goodies as a contest winner--I felt like it was an early Christmas!  It was so much fun pawing through the box :)  I felt like a little kid!  Love the hats!  When I showed my husband that I received two...well...there went any thoughts of keeping one in the car!


Thank you so much!  I too would have written the reviews, anyway. I find the beta information from real time users to be invaluable. In fact, I am the person, if I am interested in a car, will walk up to an owner of said car and ask them what they think of the vehicle.  I have gleaned a TON of information from the forums, chats, and reviews.


Again--I am grateful for the goodies. And thanks for such a great resource!




Second Gear :)

I'm glad you got the package of goodies, Second Gear. It was fun to send them out and imagine everyone getting some gifts in the mail.

Thanks again for the gear reviews and all of your contributions to Trailspace.

Did anyone else see this Youtube thank you from the Most Helpful Reviewer?

Good find, Gary! I hadn't seen it

Congratulations again, Arson!

Now I'm thinking about an actual Trailspace leg lamp award...

Whats a leg lamp?

Whats a leg lamp?

It's a reference from the movie "A Christmas Story," in which the father gets a leg lamp (of a shapely female leg) and puts it in the front window. The mother is horrified.

Some of our winners jestingly suggested we give one away with a Smarwool sock on it or something to that effect.

However, they can actually buy one. So, thankfully I don't need to go into that business.


Oh, Okay! I know someone who has one of those. I was thinking it was somekind of light for a cyclists leg like a headlamp?  Was trying to image one strapped to my leg... :)

How's the weather out your way, I see you were up early this morning to post this reply, tho I guess you are what 3 hours ahead of Arizona? Its just 4:45 here now. I went to bed early at 10 am and can't sleep after 6 hours.

How's the weather out your way, I see you were up early this morning to post this reply, tho I guess you are what 3 hours ahead of Arizona? Its just 4:45 here now. I went to bed early at 10 am and can't sleep after 6 hours.

A bit cold here. It was 10 when I ran this morning and yesterday.


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