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Trailspace Updates: New About, Login, Review Forum

by Alicia MacLeay
October 8, 2013

A lot happens at Trailspace daily. New gear reviews, forum threads, and trip reports are shared and discussed, outdoor products are added. But, there's also activity behind the scenes.

To keep you informed of Trailspace developments, updates, and new features, here's a roundup from the past month:

  • About Trailspace: With 26,000 gear reviews, plus active forums, new visitors to Trailspace may not know where to start. So, we added a new About page, a sitewide mini-explainer for non-members, and a Help Center.
  • Community Feedback: We've had lots of comments, questions, and suggestions from members on Community Engagement and on the value of Gear 'Initial Reports' in the Feedback forum. If you have the time, please read through and share your thoughts in those threads, especially if we haven't heard from you yet. The more voices we hear from the better.
  • Faster Loading: Thanks to simplified "share" buttons, site pages now load a little faster. Bonus: Did you know you can share Trailspace pages—product pages, reviews, forum posts, blogs—socially? Share a great review, interesting gear discussion, or notable product on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, or Twitter by clicking a share button. 
  • Login with Facebook: You may have noticed that the login screen has changed. In addition to your regular username/password login, you now can sign in (or join) using your Facebook or Google+ account. If your social account uses the same email address as your existing Trailspace account, you can log in by clicking the Facebook or Google+ button. Note: If those accounts use different email addresses, clicking the social media button will create a new account (so don't do that, as we're each limited to one account only).
  • Link to ProfilesYou can add links to your Facebook and Google+ profiles in your Trailspace profile, under Online info. As always, privacy controls determine who can see this and your other profile info. You can disconnect the links at any time via your privacy controls.
  • Review Tips & Tricks Forum: We've added a Review Tips & Tricks Forum. This is the place to share tips and advice, and ask questions about outdoor gear testing and reviews. We're considering adding a sub-forum where members can suggest forthcoming new gear for our Review Corps to test.
  • Reviewer of the Month Prize: We're working to upgrade the prize each Reviewer of the Month gets. For September that's Peter, who wins a pair of Super Armadillo Nano Gaiters ($98 value), thanks to Hillsound (fellow Canadians). Congratulations, Peter. Let us know how the gaiters work out this winter. We've got another great prize lined up for October.
  • Blog Tags: The Blog tags are in the midst of a major cleanup. You can now find past Reviewers of the MonthNPOContestsTrailspace News (like this), and other blogs much more easily.