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Reviewer Ben Rivers Wins Osprey Aether Backpack

Ben won an Osprey Aether 70 backpack!

Congratulations to community member and reviewer Ben Rivers! Ben just won an Aether 70 pack, thanks to Osprey ($290 value), for sharing his gear reviews.

Plus, we're sending Ben a Trailspace Trail Runner Cap to wear on his outdoor adventures in Tennessee and beyond.

Ben's review was selected randomly from the 329 outdoor gear reviews submitted since March 7.

Among other gear, he reviewed "a great tarp that packs up small," his Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp:

"I have slept under this thing in some pretty heavy downpours and stayed completely comfortable and dry. I actually use it about every time I sleep in my ENO all night, whether it's supposed to rain or not, because it keeps the dew from soaking me."

For sharing his review, he wins a new Osprey Aether 70 pack. The Aether is designed to comfortably carry loads for backpacking and mountaineering, and features front and side compression, stretch front and side pockets, tool attachments, AirScape vented back panels, external hydration pouch, IsoForm molded hipbelts, and top and panel load access.

Have fun exploring with your new backpack, Ben!

Thanks to Ben, and everyone who has shared reviews of his or her outdoor gear with their fellow Trailspace community members.

If you didn't win this time, stay tuned for our next write-a-review gear giveaway starting tomorrow.


(We will contact the winner via private message on the day of the drawing. If the winner doesn't reply within six days, we'll draw a new winner.)


Congratulations, Ben! Have fun exploring with your new pack.

Congrats, Ben! Show that pack some good use and put a review up after ya have! More importantly, welcome to the TS community!

Score!!!  Congrats Ben!!

Thanks Alicia and Eric! 

I'll definitely review it later on... I've got quite a few trips planned for this spring and summer already, so it will be getting some good use pretty quick! I can't explain how pumped I am! 

Thanks Jason! 

Way to go Ben, congrats !

You're welcome, Ben. I'm glad to hear you've already got plans for the pack. I'm sure you'll put it to good use and let us know how it works out for you.

Congratulations again!

Considering the guy posted 40 reviews in 20 days, I'm glad he won....and they were GOOD reviews too, not some of those one sentence "enter me in the contest" reviews. I voted and commented on several of them.

Congratulations, Ben. Well deserved!

Thanks G00SE! and thanks for the positive feedback! 

Great job Ben!  Congrats!!

Enjoy Ben. TS gives away some really cool stuff.

G00SE said:

Considering the guy posted 40 reviews in 20 days, I'm glad he won....and they were GOOD reviews too, not some of those one sentence "enter me in the contest" reviews. I voted and commented on several of them.

Congratulations, Ben. Well deserved!

 I guess I would have to disagree. many of them were simply I GOT IT I LIKE it reviews. I prefer the reviews that people post who use the items in many different conditions and can actually tell over time who something performs. These were mostly exactly ENTER ME IN THE CONTEST reviews IMHO. I actually came across his because I was looking for some items for my peru trip and was astonished at their lack of depth and time of use. Lots of I THIN...I FEEL instead of assessments based on performance in various conditions. Like reading Amazon reviews GREAT BOOK! BUY IT!

Hey giftogab! 

Here's my story... I actually learned about TS by seeing a tweet from @OspreyPacks talking about the contest for the Aether 70 (which is the backpack that I wanted, but couldn't afford). That is indeed the reason that I joined TS in the first place. After seeing what the site was about I really enjoyed it and I started to love the community here. 

I am sorry that my reviews are subpar and have not helped you out in any way. I am new to Trailspace and am also new to reviewing gear. My first review on TS was the first gear review that I have ever written. I have already learned a lot from reading other reviews and from talking to other TS members. I have gotten some great reviewing advice from members like G00SE and have gotten some helpful encouragement from other TS members like Eric Labanauskas. Also, I read the tips that TS puts up on how to write a good review and try to learn from them as well. 

I didn't sign up for TS just to win a contest and then never return to the site. I get on TS everyday and love talking to other members who are interested in the same things that I am. I plan to stick around and keep writing reviews and keep reading other people's reviews. 

I'm sorry that you feel like my reviews are not good. I'm doing my best at writing them and I'm learning as I go. 

I hope that you don't feel like I have no place here in the TS community because I have really enjoyed my time here and hope to continue to learn from other members and hope that I can be a contributing member of the community. 

Hey Ben,

I'm quite glad you found Trailspace and shared your reviews! You definitely have a place here in the community, and we're glad to have you.

Welcome again, thanks for your contributions, and congratulations! I can't wait to hear about where you take that pack.


I really enjoyed reading your reviews. What's especially surprising to me is that you've managed to create substantive reviews of nearly every category of gear: Boots, hats, drybags, gloves, sandals, lanterns, electronics. Your reviews have got good pictures and you've included some video too.

Better, you've reviewed what I consider the two essential elements of backcountry caffeine consumption: The Hario Slim Mill Burr Grinder, and the Aerobie AeroPress. Reading these reviews made me eagerly anticipate many twitchy mornings in the backcountry! Thanks for all your contributions to the community Ben and a big cup of coffee cheers to all of our great reviewers out there!

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