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Revolver - Seal

rated 4 of 5 stars Great hiking knife. I hiked three months on the Appalachian Trail and this is the knife I took. Used to get firewood, cook, clear trail, stayed sharp and saw cut great. Doesn't have a thick blade. It's not a heavy duty survival knife. If you use it like a knife should be used you should have no problems. Full review

Seal Team Elite

rated 5 of 5 stars Although sold as a tactical blade because of its serrated edge, this makes a great bush crafting knife for camp use. It is made of AUS-8 stainless and can be used in any environment. It has been heat treated and low temperature treated to become the tough, edge holding ultra knife. It is coated in black to avoid reflections and shed chemicals. It is a hollow grind to become shaving sharp. It is easy to sharpen with a diamond rod or just strop using white rouge on a piece of leather. This knife has… Full review

BladeLight Camp

rated 3.5 of 5 stars An interesting blend of fixed blade knife and flashlight that proves quite capable of executing most camp cutting tasks. While not intended for protracted abuse of a hardcore survivalist, this knife would nevertheless thrill a seasoned scout, delight a weekend camper, or serve multiple functions in a toolbox or bug-out bag. I confess that I am something of a knife junkie, always keeping my eye open for new knives. I am particularly interested in knives intended for bushcraft and woodcraft applications,… Full review

Pendulum Knife

rated 4 of 5 stars Good everyday pocket knife. This is my everyday carrier knife. It clips and stays put very well in my pocket. The locking mechanism does get a little loose after some time, but have not had any issues with it not locking or becoming unlocked while using it. Full review

Jungle Primitive

rated 4 of 5 stars This knife is excellent for everyday camping and trips out in the sticks. Comes out of the package extremely sharp with straight/ serrated combination blade, sawing teeth, and a pummel on the handle that have a multitude of uses. The blade isn't made out of the best metal, but if you keep it clean and sharp it will last a long time! Also, this is one of the coolest looking knives I have ever owned and it makes you feel unstoppable against whatever you come up against, be it skinning an animal, making… Full review

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