Wild Ideas Bearikade Blazer

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photo: Wild Ideas Bearikade Blazer bear canister


Price MSRP: $312.00
Reviewers Paid: $312.00
Weight 33 oz
Volume 750 cu in
Diameter 9 in
Length 12 in


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The NEW Blazer Bearikade from Wild Ideas in Santa Ynez holds up to nine days of food, is 750 cubic inches, and weighs 33 oz. (2#'s, 2.8 oz). Compare that to the BearVault BV500 at 700 cubic inches and seven days of food at 2#'s, 9 oz.


  • Carbon body
  • Lightest bear can for the volume of 750 cubic inches
  • Super smooth body fits easily in pack
  • Holds up to 9 days of food


  • Super expensive
  • Requires a coin or similar object to open

Hope the pictures give you some idea of the differences.

I purchased the BLAZER because I was attracted to the extra volume and ability to hold up to nine days of food without resupply. I debated the real value of saving about 5 to 6 ounces over my stickered BearVault BV 500.  I have not field tested the Blazer yet, but do like the idea of it being about two inches smaller then the BV500; it also has smooth sides which goes in easier to my pack (vertically), versus the BearVault, which has raised ridges on the sides of the canister in case you want to attach to the top of a backpack. 

As noted, the BearVault is about two inches taller, but that may not be apparent in the picture. I could never imagine strapping the BearVault to the top of a pack, exposed to full sun and having something that heavy on the very top of your pack.

The price is absurd in terms of difference; the Blazer sells for $312, versus the BearVault for about $75. As JR in Georgia noted in an earlier excellent and comprehensive review of the Bearikade Weekender, the resale value of these cans is very good, so if you change your mind, resale is attractive.

As also noted, you are able to rent direct from Wild Ideas (please see their website). Four times the price with a net savings of about 5 to 6 ounces and two more days of food? All I can say, if a bear walks off with my Blazer, I'm gonna give chase.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $312


Nice stickers, Bryan! We've got more for your new Blazer bear canister, if you need any (stickers@trailspace.com). I hope you'll let us know how it works out backpacking.

3 years ago

FYI, I moved your review to be on its own Blazer product page and edited the intro slightly to make sense there.

3 years ago
Dr. Bryan Ryles

Thanks, Alicia, I wasn't sure how to edit the title after I set it up, so thanks for the editing! I will request more stickers as I want to represent out there! Doing Yosemite in July and will update the review at that time.

3 years ago

Have a great time in Yosemite!

3 years ago
Bob Adams

I tried to buy a Blazer 7-14-18. Almost two full months later the owner was still stringing me along about he couldn't get materials and trouble finding people to do CNC milling for him. My thoughts were he could't buy materials or people to work for him because he wouldn't pay his bills on time. Figured he was using my money and maybe others to try to remedy the situation. Screw that. Might be a great product but the paying customer is at the mercy of this company.

2 years ago
Dr. Bryan Ryles

Bob, so sorry to hear that. I actually met the owner twice at his workshop in Los Olivios, CA. I found him to be very helpful and at the time of my review, had product in stock. I've heard he gets backlogged, so I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Btw, for an UPDATE, I used the Blazer for ten days in the Sequoia and King's Canyon NP last August, and it worked great and was super durable. Hope you get one!

2 years ago
Bob Adams

No I'll pass on Wild Ideas. He might get back-logged but he doesn't have to outright lie, not once but twice to me. And then cancel my order when I read him the emails he sent me to prove it. Someone is going to eat his lunch when some competition comes along.

2 years ago

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