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VF Corp to buy Timberland for $2.2B

Today, VF Corp., whose brands include The North Face, Jansport, Eagle Creek, and Nautica, said it will buy boot and clothing maker Timberland Co. for more than $2.2 billion. Timberland also owns the SmartWool brand.

VF plans to make Timberland part of its outdoor and actions sports business, and said Timberland headquarters will remain in Stratham, N.H.

The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter.

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Hmmm ....

Might work out.   Timberland put out some decent work boots (my experience in the construction trades), at one time.

Then, the boots became popular with the "hip-hop" crowd, along with down-jackets, and such.   Doc Martens, also, but more to the white, urban folk.

Guys in the trades bailed.  They didn't want to be associated with that image.  Timberland probably realized healthy sales to these "non-working" buyers, as they were part of the fickle "in" look.

Alas, all things must pass.

Now, maybe Timberland will return to its "roots", and get serious about serious work-boots.

Now ... if they were to make a FGL boot, right here in the USA, I might reconsider ....

If they out-source to offshore (i.e.,  China) ... fuggeddabouddit ....



Hopefully this will mean that Timberland is getting back to its roots. The shoe stores need more selection of American made boots. I have a pair of Timberlands that I bought in 1987, and they are still one of my favorites.

Hmmm, well...

I have had Timberland boots from the 80s/early 90s that have taken a serious hammering over the years and they held up fairly well. As they became more of an "urban fashion statement" they became less and less appealing to me. I am not even going into the diminished quality as time progressed.

I switched to Red Wings for work boots and never looked back.

I will personally never purchase a pair of Timberland anything. Especially in a hiking/backpacking boot. When compared to the European brands Timberland is garbage. I've had the Pro work boots, 10" Iditarod, etc. Compared to other offerings out there they are no more than a fashion statement. Cheaply made/mass produced, gore-tex garbage.

Just mho.

Then again I suppose they would look nice on the local college campus with a pair of Nautica jeans and a TNF fleece.

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