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Optimus is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing outdoor stoves since 1899. In 1969, Optimus acquired the Svea brand, another Swedish manufacturer of portable stoves, and continued to produce the classic Svea 123 stove.

In 2007 Optimus was integrated into the Katadyn Group. It offers gas, multifuel, and hybrid stoves, as well as accessories.

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Optimus of Sweden
Katadyn Products Inc
Pfäffikerstrasse 37

+41 44 839 21 11
fax: +41 44 839 21 99

Katadyn North America
4830 Azelia Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55429

(763) 746-3500
(800) 755-6701
fax: (763) 746-3540

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