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Superior 3.5

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Altra Superior 3.5 (and 3.0) are the best pair of shoes for thru-hiking that I have tried. With over 2,700 miles covered in them (four different pairs), I can confidently say that they meet my needs in being lightweight, durable, comfortable, responsive, and fast-drying. Description & Specs: The Superior 3.5 is the most recent version of Altra's low profile trail running shoe. It has been slightly updated from the 3.0 version, with the goal of improving upper durability, comfort, and more… Full review

Lone Peak 3.0

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great for thru hiking, just watch out for shin splints. You may need an insert for support. Great shoes for long distance hiking. Just be sure to get inserts before starting as you may encounter shin splints your second or third week into it. Inserts clear that up right away. Full review

King MT

rated 0.5 of 5 stars No no no no. I don’t know how they hold up to trail running, but they are nothing like the Lone Peaks when compared to hiking. Used for the first time last weekend on a short trip in Yosemite NP. It was only 20 miles and I was carrying less than 15 pounds and I still got blisters and hotspots. Full review

Superior 3.5

rated 5 of 5 stars Best hiking shoes I've found yet! I am really loving these shoes! I've probably worn them almost 100 miles now this hot dry southern California summer. I have been training for backpacking trips with 4 to 5 mile hikes in Griffith Park Los Angeles with a 30+ pound pack. Then, I did a 17+ mile, 3700' elevation gain and loss three-day backpacking trip in the high Sierras with about a 37-pound pack. I've used several different kinds of socks, including REI wool hiking socks, and the Injinji toes socks. Full review

King MT 1.5

rated 2 of 5 stars Long on comfort and short on durability, same as the 1.0. I can't afford shoes that don't hold up for more than a few hundred kilometers. A few months ago I reviewed the MT King 1.0. Much of what I wrote about that shoe applies to v. 1.5 -- they are very comfortable but wear out way too fast to be worth the price. When I sent some of the photos from that review to Altra, they sent me a new pair of the 1.5s for $10, the cost of shipping. I took the opportunity to go down a size for a closer fit,… Full review

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