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Hexagon Wood Stove Titanium

rated 2 of 5 stars Almost works. Fire requires three things: heat (ignition), fuel, and oxygen. This stove does not draw enough air to stay burning. On a six-day backpack trip on the Ice Age Trail this was my main stove. ¬†Even with the door open I spent the whole time blowing on it to keep the flame alive. Using split dry hardwood this would not burn well, the wood at the side furthest from the door just sat. If I closed the door everything went out. I even raised it on stones hoping air would come up and fan the… Full review

Stainless Steel Para-Bottle

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Wide mouth stainless steel bottle, uninsulated, 1.0L (34 oz). Good solution for carrying boiling-hot liquids in summer time (when and if you don't need them to stay hot). Wide mouth also makes carrying the food possible. With my 450-ml titanium mugs by Snow Peak and Toaks Background I received this bottle as a prize for my shared content at Trailspace as a Top 10 Reviewer for 2017.¬† To see the usefulness of this particular design, let's see, what can also be used for carrying the liquids in your… Full review

Triad Alcohol Stove

rated 1 of 5 stars Enjoy Triad 2.0, but use the old one to store weed. Vargo knows they missed by a mile on the old, flat-top version one of this stove. Pos reviewers: It's not about your mad stove skills. The arms were too wide and the top was too flat. How hard would it have been to make the top ever so slightly concave to hold an economical puddle of primer fuel? Oh, wait. They did that on the redesign. Or to take the curve off the support arm surface, and move the arms ever so closer? Oh, wait. They did that on… Full review

Hexagon Wood Stove Titanium

rated 5 of 5 stars A great pocket wood burning stove ideal for boiling water and simple cooking. Well thought out design means a fire is burning in a very short space of time. It can also be used with an alchohol burner making it a versatile source of heat. There are many wood burning stoves on the market as individuals around the globe think they have discovered the 'holy grail' of wood burning stove design. The market is saturated; especially now that Chinese and Russian imitations are flooding the market. The Vargo… Full review

Dig Dig Tool

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a very strong, durable, and functional backpacking potty shovel and spare tent stake with the added benefit of potentially being useful for a number of other applications on a backcountry trip or around camp. When I first received the Dig Dig Tool my general impression was that the design was very utilitarian/functional. After taking the Dig Dig Tool out on several trips I have found that it does a great job doing what it is intended to do, which is to dig catholes. Design and Construction… Full review

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