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What’s in a name? Robber tries to steal diamonds from BD headquarters

A robber looking for actual diamonds entered Black Diamond Equipment headquarters in Salt Lake City early on Saturday, June 13, threatened the shift manager with an ice pick, and demanded "the precious metals and the money."

From the June 13, Salt Lake Tribune:

Salt Lake County sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who robbed a climbing and skiing equipment manufacturing company early Saturday morning, police said.

About 3:15 a.m., a night shift manager and another employee were working at Black Diamond Equipment, located in the 2000 East block of 3900 South, when the shift manager confronted a strange man walking around in the plant, said Salt Lake County sheriff's Lt. Don Hutson. He had apparently entered through a door left unlocked for contractors to enter and exit.

The man threatened the shift manager with an ice pick and demanded "the precious metals and the money," Hutson said. The manager explained that the company does not really deal in diamonds or precious metals, and the man instead demanded anything of value.

Threatening the employees and their families, he loaded up a cart with company computers, climbing ice screws and other miscellaneous items of value.

First, I'm sorry Black Diamond was robbed and that employees were threatened. That's unfortunate.

Second, here are some insider tips for the robber. Horny Toad does not sell amphibians and Granite Gear is not made from heavy rocks.


Burglars and robbers often are not the "sharpest tool on the rack", to alter the cliche slightly. Seems like at least once a week you read about the bank robber who tries to deposit his booty in the same bank, or the convenience store thief threatens the clerk with what is obviously a water pistol.

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