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Congratulations, Trailspace's 2013 Top Reviewers

by Alicia MacLeay
January 20, 2014

For the very first time, we're honoring the Trailspace community's top reviewers of the year. Below are the individuals most recognized by their fellow community members for their helpful, informative gear reviews, earning them the most reviewer reputation points in 2013.

Congratulations, everyone! As a thank-you for your valued efforts and contributions, we're sending each of you a Trailspace Top Reviewer of 2013 stainless steel water bottle from Innate.

Presenting 2013's Top 10 Reviewers:

Eric Labanauskas (HornRimmedHiker)

Jeff Ediger (FromSagetoSnow)
Jeffery Gosnell (G00SE) Ashleigh McClary (Ashleigh)  Joseph Renow (jrenow)
Ken Strayer (TheRambler) Sean Van Cleve (Sean Van Cleve (MO)) Angus Ancheta (mangus7175) Bill Heiser (bheiser1) Andrew Friedman (leadbelly2550)


And the Rest of the Top 25:

Bill S (Bill S)

Vince Contreras (pillowthread)

Jake W (Jake W)

Mike Gartman (trouthunter)

T.J. (TJ1984)

Richard Proulx (Richard Proulx)

Daniel Oates (Daniel Oates)

Brandon Idler (XterroBrando)

Kali McCrady (second gear)

Linda Navroth (Linda Navroth)

Anson Herrington (Arson)

Al Hiscox (bigger al)

Steve Brewer (gilipollas)

Jason Ruff (Jason Ruff)

David Malo (malotrekker)


Congratulations to the entire top 25, and thanks to everyone who shared their gear experiences on Trailspace in 2013!

Didn't make the list this year? We're still thankful to have you as part of our outdoor gear community. 

Review your outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear and the Trailspace community may be honoring your efforts for 2014.


Top 2013 Reviewers were based on total number of reviewer reputation points earned as of December 31, 2013 for reviews written between January 1 and December 31, 2013.