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DIY: -40 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars A DIY down -40 degree bag can be made for under $100 if secondhand materials are used and purchased at a steep discount. The features can be identical to commercial products of the same temperature rating.                                         Baffle mesh pulled through 8-inch zipper                                     Draft neck collar and zipper draft tube installed            Three sleeping bags partly filled… Full review

Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Sleeping Bag

rated 4 of 5 stars A good bag for what it says, lofts well, very warm. To Jo Bets, the bag is rated -11° comfort and -19° limit. If you use it at -3° you will sweat, fabrics are only so breathable. I have used it at -13° and found no problems. Get yourself a bag to suit warmer temps, say 2° comfort and -7° limit. I previously had one of their Everest models and 15 years on it's still usable. All in I've been outdooring for over 40 years. For the money it's good. Full review

The North Face Bigfoot

rated 5 of 5 stars Bought this bag in 1993 from REI and used it in the High Sierras for many years. It's a bit heavier than the Lost Ranger I've used since 2010. After sitting on my shelf for 10 years, I decided to pull it out for a snowshoe trip this year and now remember why this was the go-to bag for cold weather back in my youth. North Face quality, large foot area for storing things, and had to unzip it at 9,000 ft in the snow because it was too warm. One of the best investments I ever made in 45 years of backpacking. Full review

The North Face Ibex

rated 5 of 5 stars Great bag for winter camping used on a mat. My wife and I each purchased an Ibex in the mid 1970s. Have used on many winter backpacking trips in the Smoky Mountains, and many fall and summer backpacking trips as well as wilderness canoe trips in Canada and BWCA, week-long bicycle trips, and fall camping in Wisconsin. Fantastic bags as held up well and are still in use. Have had repairs to zipper (replaced), fabric tears, and need for down replacement all under warranty except need to have bag cleaned. Full review

Woods Canada Arctic 5 Star

rated 5 of 5 stars This is a serious cold weather bag. I’ve slept in mine in an open lean-to at -45°F and had to get up and take clothes off to cool down. On the heavy side, but this bag is worth it. Only used it a couple of times and now not camping anymore so will soon sell it. If doing serious cold weather camping I wouldn’t touch anything else. Full review

Sierra Designs Cloud -30

rated 5 of 5 stars I have had my -30 Cloud for over 20 years. The newer Clouds have a larger foot, which I like, but my bag has been great winter camping and summer. I unzip it for summer and use it as a cover. In winter it performs excellent. If my current bag wasn't so reliable, I would buy the new Cloud just for the foot space. Full review

Woods Canada Arctic 3 Star

rated 5 of 5 stars I slept in this bag for four months in the Arctic and slept like a baby. Full review

Western Mountaineering Puma Super MF

rated 5 of 5 stars Super WARM and very light... I have used this bag down to -15° and have been completely warm and comfortable. I have no doubt it would be OK even down to -25°, and I am a VERY cold sleeper. I usually need a bag that is rated at least 20 deg warmer than claimed, but not with this bag. When it is not too windy I often just sleep in an open lean-to or under a tarp, and am just fine in the middle of winter. The MF shell offers excellent wind and water resistance, zipper works great, there is plenty… Full review

Western Mountaineering Puma GWS

rated 5 of 5 stars The Puma GWS lives up to the ratings and is high quality. The zipper works flawlessly and the cinch cord is easy to use. I slept out in -5 degrees with 25mph winds in a single person tent, warm all over. Remember a sleeping bag is only as good as its sleeping pad. In the winter you will get cold with any sleeping bag if you use a cheap sleeping pad. Full review

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -25 added Jun 3, 2019
Marmot Wind River -10 added Jun 3, 2019
Mountain Hardwear Phantom Gore-Tex -40 added Jun 3, 2019
ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -10 added Jun 3, 2019
Browning Camping Denali added Jun 3, 2019
Peregrine Endurance -20 added Jun 3, 2019
ALPS Mountaineering Blaze -20 added Apr 10, 2019
Slumberjack Wheeler Lake -20 added Mar 20, 2019
$84 - $89
Chinook Kodiak Peak II -5F added Mar 15, 2019
Valandré Chill Out 850 added Mar 15, 2019
Chinook Kodiak Extreme III -40F added Mar 15, 2019
Chinook Everest Ice III -22F added Mar 15, 2019
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
DIY: -40 Degree Down Sleeping Bag added Mar 15, 2019
Rab Ascent 1100 added Oct 2, 2018
Big Agnes Crosho UL -20 added Oct 1, 2018
$465 - $599
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Sierra Designs Cloud -30 added Jun 24, 2018
Exped Winterlite -42C/-44F added May 23, 2018
Exped Waterbloc -42C/-44F added May 23, 2018
Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger -20F added May 22, 2018
$532 - $719
NEMO Sonic -20 added May 17, 2018
$464 - $569
Mountain Equipment Kryos added Mar 28, 2018
Mountain Equipment Glacier Expedition added Mar 28, 2018
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 added Dec 6, 2017
$300 MSRP
Rab Morpheus 4 added Sep 5, 2017
Cabela's Instinct Alaskan -40F added Sep 16, 2016
Cabela's Outfitter XL -20F Sleeping Bag added Jul 1, 2016
Cabela's Magnum 44 -20F Sleeping Bag added Jun 24, 2016
VauDe Arctic 1200 added Jun 20, 2016
Slumberjack Lapland -20 added Jun 17, 2016
Exped Lite 900 added May 20, 2016
Kelty Tuck EX -20 added Apr 15, 2016
Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Bonfire -30° added Feb 25, 2016
Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Blaze -15° added Feb 25, 2016
$168 - $258
Slumberjack Boundary Minus 20F added Oct 7, 2015
$70 - $84
Slumberjack Ronin -20 added Oct 7, 2015
Brooks-Range Drift -10 added Apr 4, 2015
Mammut Altitude EXP Winter added Mar 14, 2015
Mammut Altitude EXP 5-Season added Mar 14, 2015
user rating: 1 of 5 (1)
Black Pine Sports Backside Bside 800 Super Down -40 added Mar 9, 2015
The North Face Aleutian -20F/-29C added Feb 14, 2015
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
ALPS Mountaineering Echo Lake -20 added Jan 10, 2015
Mountainsmith Berthoud -20 added Jan 6, 2015
$72 - $186
Rab Neutrino 800 added Nov 9, 2014
$500 - $534
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Woods Canada Mount Blanc Supreme added Oct 3, 2014
Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 4-Season added Sep 23, 2014
Mountain Equipment Iceline added Sep 18, 2014
$675 - $900
Montane Deep Heat Sleeping Bag added Jun 26, 2014
Rab Expedition 1400 added May 14, 2014
Western Mountaineering Cypress GWS added Mar 16, 2014
$1,190 - $1,230
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Deuter Neosphere -15° added Feb 5, 2014
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