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Ozark Trail 150-Lumen Flashlight

rated 4 of 5 stars The Ozark Trail 150-Lumen Flashlight is perfect for any overnighter. It lights up your surroundings nice and bright. This flashlight is amazing. This was the first reliable flashlight I ever owned. I’ve had it for six years and it still works like a charm. It’s made from a sturdy material that assures it will last. The button to activate the light is fantastic. The way that it is designed makes it so that there is basically no chance you will accidentally turn on the flashlight. You have to… Full review

Ledlenser P5R

rated 5 of 5 stars Brilliant, literally, small rechargeable torch. The adjustable light beam is simply amazing. Firstly, this is a small, lightweight, all metal torch. Because it is so lightweight and small the battery is small (2.6Whr) but it has more than sufficient capacity for an overnight camp—3hr/15hr battery life—on each of two intensity settings—420/20 lumens brightness. You recharge by a USB cradle. The torch itself is brilliant. It has a wonderful focusable beam from spot to moderate flood. On max… Full review

Light & Motion Solite 150

rated 4 of 5 stars Highly recommended after several tests outdoor (several days of hiking in the German Alps). I disagree with the first review: I consider it an absolute PLUS to be able to charge via USB. Take a power bank and charge the Solite as often as needed on a trip of several days. Everyone has multiple wall plug adaptors already, so why should LightnMotion provide another? Full review

Ledlenser P7.2

rated 5 of 5 stars Not cheap, but you will have a first class flashlight for life. I've used it regularly for at least two years now. Tough cylinder of aluminum, it resists anything that you (your kids, dog, or car) can do to it. The lens is kind of plastic and recessed, so it won't break if the torch tumbles down the mountain. It even resists operating its switch under water for some minutes... though the maker only calls it "weather/splash resistant". The "little flashlights just in case" are almost free. But if… Full review

Ledlenser P5.2

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great pocket-sized flashlight—easy to use, high quality, and compact. But there's better performance out there in similar sized packages. LED Lenser P5.2 Pocket Torch  The P5.2 is a great torch. It's lightweight and fits in a slim-fitting jacket or pair of trousers without being noticeable, which in my opinion is a real plus because it's far more practical for everyday carry (EDC) than, for example, my older LED Lenser P14 which is about 190mm long and has a 40mm head. That said, it's nothing… Full review

Ledlenser MT10

rated 5 of 5 stars It might weigh a little more than others of similar size, but it's a powerful, rechargeable punch! As a member of another website, I occasionally receive products to test in exchange for a review. I get the awesome opportunity to test out amazing products in exchange for an honest review. This time, I tried out a rechargeable flashlight. The Ledlenser M10 did not disappoint! Now, while this is not the lightest or smallest flashlight in the world, it has so many features that rock, you won't really… Full review

Ledlenser MT10

rated 5 of 5 stars The MT10 flashlight is in a word, intense. If the packaging doesn’t convince you (a chainsaw would have been useful) then the 1000 lumens of light might. The MT10 flashlight is in a word, intense. If the packaging doesn’t convince you (a chainsaw would have been useful) then the 1000 lumens of light might. It is incredibly well built and while just under 6 oz feels a lot denser. It’s a convenient, compact size at a little over 5 inches long and comes with a handy sheath that clips to your… Full review

Nebo Tools Redline

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Really bright, well-made, durable. Great for a weekend outing or a tent-camping family. I wouldn't recommend it for a lightweight junky, but it definitely gets the job done. This is a great looking flashlight. Stainless steel construction is hefty in the hand, not like the cheapo plastic lights that I also have. The beam can be focused from a spot to a broad wash of light, perfect for those really, really dark nights. And it has an SOS and a strobe setting—hopefully you never need those!! It takes… Full review

Harbor Freight 3-1/2 in. 9 LED Mini Flashlight

rated 5 of 5 stars More than adequate for anything I use a flashlight for. Cannot beat the price! Convenient and durable. This is a review of the "3-1/2 in. 9 LED Mini Flashlight" which Harbor Freight regularly has "free with purchase." This is my go-to flashlight for camping, general home use, and I also use one as the headlamp on my bicycle (5-mile one-way commute in all but the foulest weather). I have (and have had) a bunch of these, and all have worked and lasted. If you don't expect it to be what it is not,… Full review

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