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Trailspace Names Top 25 Reviewers of 2019

Congratulations to Trailspace's Top 25 Reviewers of 2019! While all of our members help make Trailspace a resourceful, supportive outdoor gear community, these folks are the ones most recognized by fellow community members for their informative, real-world gear reviews, earning them the most reviewer reputation points in 2019.

As a thank-you for their outstanding efforts and contributions this past year, we're sending each winner a special-edition New River Pot + Amicus Stove with Igniter, thanks to Soto, makers of award-winning stoves, igniters, cookware, and accessories.

Congratulations, everyone!


Presenting our Top 10 Reviewers of 2019:

Oliver Brotherton
Hampshire, England

John (LoneStranger)

Rick (BigRed)

Tyler (KiwiKlimber)

Leah Harman (Twig)

Mike Mineart

Kevin David

Jake W


Sean Van Cleve

Andrew F. (leadbelly2550)



And the Rest of the Top 25 Reviewers:

Robin French (Bentbrook) of North Carolina

Wade (Wade in the Water) of California

David Link of California

Jesse Maloney (Go Time!) of Minnesota

Dave Vet (CY6TacticalSolutions) of Florida

Christine Kelly of New Hampshire

Patrick Mason (Patman) of Tennessee

Phil May (FlipNC) of North Carolina

Josh Wood of Tasmania, Australia

Jeff (FromSagetoSnow) of Washington

Sheila Bergin Goss of Vermont

Phil Smith of Maine

Tyler Veinot of Prince Edward Island

Arthur Cropper of California

Mary Beth Skylis of Colorado


Congratulations to our top 25 gear reviewers! We hope you enjoy your Amicus stove and New River Pot from Soto on your 2020 outdoor adventures.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who shares independent gear reviews on Trailspace. All year long you help other hikers, backpackers, climbers, paddlers, skiers, trail runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts find the right gear. We're incredibly thankful to have each of you as a member of our community. 


Top 2019 reviewers were based on the total number of reviewer reputation points earned from December 2018 through November 2019.


Awesome, thanks!

Congrats to all!

A lot of great reviews this year.

Here's to another great year in 2020!

Agreed. I'm surprised and happy to be in this group this year.  Looking forward to more trips and reviews in 2020.

Congratulations to the top 25...and all the diligent reviewers that make up Trailspace! A very grateful “Thank you” to Alicia for the opportunity for the Trailspace venue to post our gear reviews! 

You are all very welcome!

Thanks for all you do to create a positive, helpful, independent outdoor gear community and resource.

I'm glad and proud to be one of the bunch. Let's keep up the good work!

Thank you, it is much appreciated. Reading impartial and honest reviews is an integral part of the gear selection process. 

Received your gracious gift today...thank you! Pretty slick little folding Amicus stove!


A very nice gift indeed

Excellent! I'm glad they are starting to arrive.

Congratulations to everyone!

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