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Congratulations, Top 25 Reviewers of 2021

Congratulations to Trailspace's Top 25 Reviewers of 2021!

Collectively this exceptional group contributed 217 gear reviews to the Trailspace community and helped countless others gear up and get outside. They hiked, climbed, padded, skied, and ran trails all around the world. Then they shared their first-hand experiences with and opinions on a range of outdoor gear—shelters, backpacks, headlamps, camping meals, jackets, footwear, and more.

As a thank-you for their contributions, we'll be sending each top reviewer a custom Trailspace merino wool beanie from Minus 33 or trucker hat from Headsweats.

Congratulations, everyone!


Presenting our Top 10 Reviewers of 2021:

Lester M

Fabian Ommar (StoicFabian)

Andrew Friedman

John (Lonestranger)

Mary Beth Skylis
South Carolina

Tyler (KiwiKlimber)

Arturo Ganly
Gualeguaychú, Argentina

Luis F. Arevalo
Alberta, Canada 

Top 25 Reviewers of 2021

Paula (The Cedar Journal)
The Netherlands

Mike Mineart

Mike M (bigskyrvunner)

Robin French (Bentbrook)
North Carolina

Keating (Badass Outdoors)
New Hampshire

Leah Harman (Twig)

Fawnskin, California

Rick Strimbeck (BigRed
Trondheim, Norway

Joel (JRinGeorgia)

Sandor (mountainman_270)
British Columbia

Oliver Brotherton
United Kingdom

Kelly McCann (OutdoorKelly)
New Hampshire



Congratulations again to our top 25 gear reviewers.

  • Want to be a top reviewer in 2022? Share your own helpful gear reviews on Trailspace. Every outdoor voice—from a range of experiences and backgrounds—adds to the community's knowledge.
  • Want to help recognize top reviewers? If you like a review, find it useful, or learn something new, give it an upvote.


Methodology: Top 2021 reviewers were based on the total number of reviewer reputation points earned from December 20120 through November 2021. Trailspace staff were removed from rankings.


Congratulations, everyone!

Thanks to everyone who contributed helpful reviews in 2021!

And stay tuned for the Top Reviews of 2021....

Lots of great reviews this year from all over the world. Keep it up!

Congrats everyone!

Congrats everyone!

Hat arrived a couple days ago. Packing it with me on a trip tomorrow for an initial try, but bringing a back up beanie since it is untested. :p

Thank you TS for the new hats!!

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